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    Hi all. With the new game featuring first class comps from NZ and SA I was wondering if anybody had any insight they could share about the domestic scene in these countries (strongest teams, types of pitches, locations, talent pool, successful bowling styles etc)? Would be great to hear any thoughts before getting stuck into some saves.

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    NZ lacks any top class spin bowlers. Perhaps some might develop as the game progresses.


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      Well player development will be interesting now for SA & Nz teams, will make playing internationals hopefully more interesting in terms of more variety in player generation.


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        I think these two new competitions are fantastic. For the last couple of years I've spent most of my time in Australian domestic and these two systems work along similar lines. 6 highly competitive teams.

        As Graham says, NZ struggles with spinners at the start. Some decent spinners in there, but not much depth.


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          Playing a NZ international and domestic save and the first thing i notice is all the international results are deleted from news feed/fixture results page except the early september fixtures, quite annoying that cos i like looking at all the scores made around the world.


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            All these results can be viewed in Fixtures & Results. There'll be some stability reason for not displaying everything in the Latest Scores box.

            Go in Fixtures & Results, then you can change the filters to display what you want, with everything in from that season.


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              Yeah i figured that but the problem for me is i like a quick overview of the match result to see who is scoring big or taking wickets, where as the fixture and result screen you have to look at each scorecard.