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Otago Volts, A journey

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  • Otago Volts, A journey

    First of all, my computer malfunctioned so the file was not kept on my Leicestershire save, so very sorry for that.

    For the next story, and one that will most likely last a while I am going to rebuild Otago, a team in the New Zealand domestic competition.

    Otago Volts have not won the Plunket Shield (the first class comp) in the time that I have been alive. That is quite a while. They have been victors in both the Ford Trophy (one day comp) and Super Smash (t20 comp) twice, but their last final win was in 2013.

    So a brief overview of the competitions, the Plunket Shield has each team play 8 matches, and whoever is on top of the table after 8 matches wins. The Ford Trophy is a double round robin, and after each team has played their 10 matches the top 2 will face off in a final. The Super Smash also has a double round robin, but the top 3 make finals. First place goes straight through to the final while 2nd and 3rd face off in a playoff, the winner advancing into the final.

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    Season 1 Expectations.

    Hamish Rutherford looks set to be named our captain in all three formats, but the second opener in first class cricket is a spot up for grabs. I want to try finish above last spot in the Plunket Shield. The One day format looks to need some work on, with a weak middle order. The super smash is where I think we could have a chance, some good t20 players and finals could be a goal.

    Going into the contracts I am looking for a young opener or two, as Rutherford is ageing and if we don't find a decent replacement we will be in trouble. A spin bowler will also be nice, as Ben Lockrose does not have a great record.


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      Season 1 Squad


      Jacob Cumming, 18
      FC, OD Opener V. Defensive in all formats

      FC - 26.83

      2nd XI 3day - 36.70
      2nd XI OD - 32.60 @ 54.0
      2nd XI t20 - 32.62 @ 89.4

      Most likely going to be a reserve opener for season 1. Decent stats but if he is given an opportunity he must take it, with just 1 year left on his current deal. His 2nd XI limited overs strike rates are among the weakest of the squad.

      Dale Phillips, 23
      Defensive in FC, Aggressive in LO

      FC - 37.39 @ 48.2
      OD - 25.47 @ 86.9
      t20 - 25.86 @ 131.2

      Brother of Glenn Phillips, Dale will most likely be a starting number 3 in our FC lineup. Average Limited overs stats but decent strike rates means he might be a handy finisher

      Glenn Phillips, 25
      Opener in t20s, Very Aggressive in all formats

      FC - 39.09
      OD - 35.51 @ 88.5
      t20 - 31.08 @ 141.2

      Very consistent numbers across the board, but international callups are not out of the question for Glenn Phillips. A part time wicket keeper so may take the gloves occasionally.

      Hamish Rutherford, 33
      Opener in all formats, Aggressive in FC, V.Aggressive in LO

      FC - 36.76
      OD - 36.80 @ 95.8
      t20 - 25.14 @ 145.0

      One of our most important players, he will be at the top of the order trying to guide our inexperienced middle order throughout the season. Is 33 so is entering the latter end of his career.

      Ben Kennedy, 18
      Opener in all formats, V.Defensive in FC, Defensive in LO

      2nd XI 3day - 46.18
      2nd XI OD - 57.94 @ 84.9
      2nd XI t20 - 27.55 @ 136.4

      One of our youth signings, Ben Kennedy will be looking to cement a place at the top of the order alongside Rutherford. His 3day average is not overly special, but his 2nd XI OD average is the second highest of the whole squad.

      Dan Lappin, 20
      Aggressive in all formats

      2nd XI 3day - 54.92
      2nd XI OD - 35.92 @ 102.7
      2nd XI t20 - 40.71 @ 139.7

      Another youth signing, his t20 average caught my eye. I rarely see a youth player average over format in 2nd XI t20 these days, so it was a no brainer to sign him.

      Shubham Garhwal, 27 (Reserve Overseas)
      Aggressive in all formats

      t20 - 16.73 @ 155.9

      2nd XI 3day - 44.25
      2nd XI OD - 42.34 @ 100.1
      2nd XI t20 - 28.62 @ 153.7

      Our reserve option for this season, his strike rates are very impressive. Will get a small amount of game time when Dickwella goes on international duty.