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  • Players not running

    A good change to the game would be players taking more risky runs in the final over of a white ball game.

    Recently playing an England save. England are chasing 197 and need two from the final two balls. Penultimate ball, played and missed. No attempt to run a bye (which would've had the added benefit of bringing the set batter on strike). Second ball, hit straight to deep mid-on. No attempt to run. England lose by one run.

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    Having two aggression sliders for batting could make this happen. One slider for shot aggression, one for running aggression. Hot day in India? Set that run slider to zero to save stamina (hopefully batting stamina is visible next game) to last longer. Need to run risky byes in the final over of a T20? Set it to the max. Put the slider somewhere in the middle to push those easy singles into twos.

    Batting needs some extra mechanics to make it more strategic. You can change the line, length, aggression, and field and have full control over the change of bowlers. Batting, on the other hand only has shot aggression and could use some added complexity to be more on par with bowling.