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  • No Auto Retire a player

    Is it possible to stop the auto-retirements of players? Can we manually choose when a player can retire from all forms of cricket or only certain formats? If not, can this be added in future updates? I think that would be a great addition to the game.

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    I don't think it is realistic for the game to have full control over individual players, though I do think the game should be more dynamic with retirements, such as making players retiring from just longer forms or just internationals more common. With the many T20 comps in the world, this seems to be common practice at the moment.

    A heads-up would also be nice to have when players are going to retire too. A message on the contract screen along the lines of "S Boland has indicated they are considering retirement" would be a huge help giving you the chance to be proactive and find a replacement in your squad. They wouldn't have to then retire but you know it's coming in the next few years and have the chance to train up a rookie or sign an established replacement. Especially when you get the shock retirement of one of your star players in their early 30s.


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      Yes an indicator should definitely be helpful. Maybe we have it in the next version of 2023. Any idea when would 2023 version be released?


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        Great ideas on retirement. Particularly galling is when an International player retires with NO indication! They just disappear..

        Normally I can usually tell when any player is reaching retirement as their performance “falls off a cliff” anyone else find the same?

        A subtle tip - save the game before contracts and if your all time fav does retire, then reload and sometimes you can get a further year from them when they don’t retire! Down side is, the player is normally “burnt out” at that point. Happened to me on a couple of occasions.

        New game versions are normally released mid June.