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  • Test Championship Question

    One thing I always like doing is starting out with an Associate side and seeing how far I can take them up the rankings. I was hoping to eventually get Ireland/Afghanistan to play in the Test Championship, however I've just discovered on my old version (2020) that doesn't happen regardless where you are in rankings. Is that something that can happen in this version of the game?

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    I actually tested this out in a save of mine, and it seems like the current sides in the world test championship will always be the sides in the world test championship.

    I really hope this feature is added sooner rather than later, maybe going based off of the Test Rankings, with the top 9 teams in the WTC.


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      As much as I would love to take Zimbabwe, Afghanistan or Ireland to the WTC finals, I don't think those teams can qualify in real life at the moment. Nothing I've read has said they missed qualification based on their rankings but instead not included due to being recently introduced to Test cricket (including Zim returning in 2015) and not having a balanced schedule compared to the other teams. Since there is no real-life provision for them to 'qualify', there's no reason for CC to include a hypothetical, made-up qualification process for them.

      Currently, the way CrazyCaptain101 tested for what teams qualify for the WTC imitates the way they are chosen in real life too.


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        Thats a real shame, that would be a really fun thing to do in game. I had always presumed it was the top ranked 9 teams that "qualified" for it as such irl. I suppose its a bit like Associate countries as well though, there's not a clear path to copy for them to enter into Test Cricket as well