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    Originally posted by giantshank View Post

    Not yet. But should be out sometime next month. Will you release an update when it happens? Or will this be only next version?
    If we know the formats exactly, then we might be able to. Sometimes the formats aren't always obvious until the season actually starts, this is why the Ind 20 over league is in 2 groups (will be in 1 group in next patch), as when we set that up the resources were suggesting they would be as 2 groups.


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      Originally posted by CardboardBox View Post
      Morgan Topping: Batting between 3-6 domestically, not bowling. Looking at his U-19 record, I think all-rounder is fair. I've changed him to that now.

      I play alongside Morgan for Waringstown CC and he is a good friend. He is a batsman and very much part-time spinner, recently has started to open the innings in the shorter formats to get into the Knights
      Thanks, I've changed him to opener in OD/20 over and middle order in FC.


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        Originally posted by Hilal8844554499 View Post
        Is there any chance of new south Africa t20 league added to game after squads? Can't wait for reply
        If we know competition format, yes. I'm keen to update it, but we have to know what to update it with. There's been some news on this recently, hopefully we will know in the near future.


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          Originally posted by muzzy View Post
          Tom Banton needs to be improved in the next database update, never gets picked by Somerset and is also poor with the bat.
          Looks to be playing in my saves. His ability is fair, he's had a tough couple of years, slightly better this year, but still not really setting strong data to push for a boost.


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            Matt Fisher seems underrated on the game, averaging 27.5 with the ball in real life in First Class cricket and has played Test cricket but has averaged around 40 three years into my save and is never selected in my first team by AI at the start of the season

            I feel his ability is fair currently.
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              I think Roman Walker could have his batting improved a bit. Cymru confirmed he's a bowling all rounder after an excellent 50 on debut and average of 90 for the seconds. Perhaps he should be a bowler who is a very useful bat on the cusp of all rounder.

              Ed Barnes seems bang on with the bat however his bowling may need a tiny nudge. In game ive seen the AI pick him 7 CC games in a row at 7 and only bowl him for 2 overs. I don't think he's a great bowler and Leicestershire have a poor attack but I don't think he's worse than Walker or Davis. I'd rank their bowlers in 4 day:

              Wright - Still good.
              Parkinson - good.
              Mulder - Underperforming but as a test bowler clearly not awful.
              Mike - Hideously inconsistent and sometimes frighteningl expensive but improving all the time.

              A big gap.

              Ackermann - Mostly white ball but capable.
              Ahmed - Unknown quantity but great in white ball.
              Steel - White ball only really.
              Davis/Walker/Barnes - Much of a muchness and not great but at least recognisable as bowlers. Would probably put Scriven in here too, been injured but when fit good for seconds. All these guys should average 35-40 in my opinion with Walker and Scriven perhaps having potential to creep down to 30-35. I actually think Barnes may be a better bat than he is a bowler.
              Griffiths/A.Evans - Terrible
              Hendricks - Awful this season, genuinly awful.
              Bowley - Unknown, is ok for seconds.


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                Abdullah Shafiq and Mohammad Huraira need their abilities nerfed, both are too good in the game.

                Nerfed Huraira, I'm going to leave Shafiq as he's done well in Tests so far.
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                  The game too hard can you make a super easy mode for me so I stop sucking


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                    Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
                    If result is unlucky then what is the point of match still going on in FC and Test? There should be done something for this to make FC Test cricket more interesting. if a team came out for last 2 overs and 200 required on last day it's looks very unrealistic these days. Whenever I start FC career and just think about it loses my interest, Hope you people think about it.
                    Mate you seriously need to get a life


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                      Dewald Brevis needs a higher batting rating

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                        robin das missing from the Essex squad

                        Added as are all other county debutants from end of English season.
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                          Collation of my previous posts in this thread:


                          Josh Shaw is playing first class in game but is focusing on being a t20 specialist. Ajeet Dale is only playing white ball in game but has played red ball in real life this season so perhaps swap them as abilities would be about right.

                          Tom Price improve with ball, been very good this season with the new ball. Ollie Price bats at 3. Both avg agg in white ball and def in red ball.

                          Ben Charlesworth def in white ball, was injured all season prior to August.

                          Ian Cockbain and Miles Hammond agg in white ball. Batting increase for Hammond.

                          Ben Wells v agg in white ball and avg in red ball. His OD SR is 80 in real life...


                          T20 quarter finalists and in the D2 promotion mix, I think Derbyshire are very underpowered in game but a few tweaks can solve this.

                          Lakmal played every game pre-injury but doesn't play in game so could see his bowling increased. Improved

                          Masood has had a superb season and been recalled by Pakistan so should be boosted batting wise. He and Pujara should be the best bats in D2. Also avg in red ball. Masood's ability is strong and fair in game. He's at Hales/Duckett level.

                          Madsen has been unreal this season in both first class and t20, another one who is right at the top of D2 do batting increase. His ability is fair.

                          The above two perform appallingly in t20s on game despite being two top perfomers in the format this season.

                          Brooke Guest is being talked about as a potential Lion so should get a batting increase. Should also be avg or def in red ball, agg in white ball. Good in all formats. Talked about != actual ability. His ability is fair in game, he has potential to improve substantially in game.

                          Anuj Dal is also being talked up for the Lions and should have his batting (run machine) and bowling boosted (second highest wicket taker).

                          Mattie McKiernan had a good season with the ball in T20 until Rossouw ruined his figures but prior to that one innings he was going at sub 8 so feel he should be a bit more economical in t20. Also been good with the bat with a first class ton so a slight batting improvement. McKiernan should be white ball spinner along with Watt and Thomson the red ball pick, currently Thomson plays all of it.

                          Hilton Cartwright joined Derbs as cover for Masood's International callup. I'd make him the reserve and move Hayden Kerr to either t20 or normal overseas as he ended up playing a fair bit. Done

                          Godleman is currently opening in t20s instead of Reece. He should be very def in white ball also and further nobbled after another terrible season.

                          Tom Wood def in red ball, aggressive in white ball but suspended until August.

                          Sam Conners had an England Lions appearance and bowled well so could be improved a touch. His current ability is fair, he has potential.

                          Harry Came underrated with bat, a solid player so small improvement.


                          Leicestershire are an odd side, good in t20 and actually a decent batting outfit (despite Nixon enjoying musical chairs in his batting order) but absolutely appalling bowling. Few suggested changes:

                          Lewis Hill agg in first class where he's scored very quickly this season and last but avg in limited overs where he's not particularly quick nor effective.

                          Ben Mike avg aggression in red ball and v agg in white ball. Should be slightly more economic in white ball where he's improved but more expensive in red ball where he takes wickets but is hideously expensive.

                          Mulder has batted beautifully in all comps so should be improved with bat. Improved Mulder with bat.

                          Patel avg in white ball.
                          Welch v agg in white ball.
                          Kimber v agg in white ball and bats at 3, 3, 5.
                          Steel agg in white ball.
                          Scriven avg in both.
                          Walker avg in both.
                          Ahmed agg and avg.

                          Batting rankings for any adjustment:

                          Good (40+)
                          Mulder - By far the best bat at the club.

                          Decent (35-40)
                          Hill + Ackermann - Both a clear cut above the rest. The latter could be improved slightly especially in t20.
                          Azad - Just below the other two and spot on currently.

                          Alright (25-30)
                          Kimber - The pick of this group potentially as good in all formats, needs an increase.
                          Mike - Good in red and white ball now.
                          Scriven - Now free of injury and showing his ability with a couple 50s at the end of the season, worthy of a decent increase.
                          Patel - A solid player better than he is game currently where he's hopeless so increase.
                          Ahmed - Finished the season with a sublime ton batting at 5, needs an improvement and high potential.
                          Evans - About right.
                          Swindells - Needs nobbled, poor season and bats 6/7 in all formats now.
                          Welch + Steel - Are good white ball openers so could both be improved there a reasonable amount.
                          Barnes - Needs nobbled with the bat a fair bit, he's useful but should be only just superior to Parkinson or Wright. His current ability would be fair for Patel, Swindells, Scriven, Mike, Evans, Welch and Steel I think actually.

                          Nerf Lilley's bowling and move him to batter only where his ability is about ok. He bowled 2 overs in the Blast and even with Ackermann, Ahmed and Parkinson away at the Hundred he bowled just 13 overs in 9 one day games with Kimber being turned to ahead of him for spin.

                          Bowling Rankings

                          Wright - Still the best bowler
                          Finan - Looks a real find
                          Parkinson - Fine as is
                          Ahmed - Fine as is

                          Mike - As explained above
                          Scriven - Useful bowler in all formats so improve.
                          Barnes - Competent so very small improvement considering his bat nobbling.
                          Walker - Similar to Barnes with bat and ball.

                          Very poor

                          Davis - Nobble
                          Griffiths - Nobble
                          A.Evans - Remove randomness as sometimes way too good.


                          You mentioned Scotland lack players so I would recommend adding Scott Cameron, Fin McCreath, Bradley Currie (also now at Sussex), Brandon McMullen, Jamie Crawley and Chris McBride to their ranks who are the ODI/T20 caps or squad callups missing from the game. Players who have played since April have been picked up.

                          Scott Steel, George Scott, Tom Mackintosh, Ollie Davidson and Michael Jones are county players missing from their tournament players pool too though Tom Sole needs removed.

                          These are all available for Scotland, if in Tournament mode remember you might need to change the match filter to something other than ODI if they've not played an ODI, for example.

                          Andy Umeed is at Somerset now too so needs added.

                          He's been added.


                          Ryan Patel aggressive in first class and should be opening in first class for Surrey ahead of Cam Steel.

                          Matt Fisher is underrated.

                          Sol Budinger should be an opener in all formats and deserves a batting increase. Changed to opener.

                          Ali Orr first class opener and very aggressive in white ball. Changed to opener

                          Tom Clark average in both formats and a batting improvement.

                          Oli Carter average aggression in both and batting improvement.

                          Ben Compton very defensive in both formats.

                          Sam Northeast t20 and OD opener. Spent majority of his career #3

                          Eddie Byrom very aggressive in white ball and small batting increase, should be best opener at Glam.

                          James Rew average in red ball, aggressive in white ball. A batting increase too, serious, serious batter, too good to be left to chance.

                          Tom Lammonby def in red ball, very aggressive in white ball.

                          Tom Abell - Batting increase, serious business this season.

                          Matthew Revis 8 rather than 3 in first class. Def in red ball, average in white ball.

                          Tom Kohler-Cadmore 3 in first class.

                          Brydon Carse aggressive in white ball also seems a bit overrated with the bat, I've seen striking multiple first class tons in a season recently.

                          Michael Jones avg in red ball, aggressive in white ball also hit an impressive double ton and averaging around 50 this season so a batting boost.

                          Adam Hose is underrated in t20.

                          I think uncontracted Grant Hankins and Harry Dearden seem a bit overrated.

                          Bowling increase for Northant's Jack White and batting increase for Emilio Gay.

                          Ollie Davidson is a lower order bowling all rounder, not an opener. Changed

                          Tomas Mackintosh should be upgraded, he's playing every game for Durham now and appears to the manor born.

                          Salter not an opener. Filled in very briefly before returning to lower order. Changed to all rounder.

                          Ben Gibbon - Bowling increase

                          Kasey Aldridge - Bowling increase
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                            Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
                            There are too many new players every domistic season it should be reduced.
                            100% agree Hilal. I am speaking for County Cricket now but I think the influx of academy players into the game due to the One Day Cup and so on means we don't need as many regens. Should go from 1 or 2 a season to 0 or 1 and also bin off the ones who are created at the start of the season. Or link it to retirements so the total number of players stays constant.


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                              Jack Campbell should probably be with Hampshire as he was released by Durham in June and has already played for Hampshire this season in a first class match and is in the RLODC squad for tomorrow as well as playing in the warmup vs Dorset. I don't know if he's on any contract though.

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                                Lewis McManus has signed for Northants permanently until 2024 now so he should be moved to them now

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