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    A few things I've noticed that should probably be fixed up

    Luke Wright should probably be available for OD/ODI
    Ravi Bopara should probably be T20/T20I only

    Missing Players
    A few young players in the English domestic such as
    James Coles (Sussex)
    Robin Das (Essex)

    Wrong Nationality
    Cameron Gannon (USA)
    Ian Holland (USA)
    Jonty Jenner (Jersey - might not be in the game though)
    Ben Manenti (Italy)
    Anshuman Rath (India)
    Tim David (Singapore)

    Wrong Batting/Bowling
    Jonty Jenner (OS)

    Wrong Name
    Najibullah Zadaran should be Zadran
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    Wright is retired from FC/Test, Bopara hasn't said he's retired from anything but 20 over yet.


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      Hi Sureshot, having plenty of time on my hands, I decided to see how many players in the ATG`s should have their status amended to Occasional Wicket-Keeper. I only looked at the main 8 Test playing nations, and only players that have recorded a stumping. The players are as follows by country, Don Bradman 1, Sid Barnes 1, Bill Brown 1, Damien Martyn 1, Justin Langer 1, Ian Chappell 1, Graham Yallop 1, Clem Hill 1, Peter Burge 1, Jack Moroney 1, Grahame Thomas 1, John Dyson 1, Ken Archer 1, Vic Richardson 1, Algy Gehrs 1, Claude Jennings 1, Jack Harry 1 & Greg Shipperd already PT keeper, all Australia. William Chatterton 1, Cyril Poole (already part time keeper), Harold Gimblett 1, Denis Smith 1, Joe Hardstaff 1, Dodger Whysall 1, Walter Read 1, Frank Sugg 1, Doug Insole (already pt keeper), Norman Yardley 1, Bill Athey 1, Mike Brearley 1, Billy Gunn 1, Arthur Carr 1, Arthur Fagg 1, Henry Jupp 1, Geoff Cook 1, Monty Bowden 1, Lionel Palairet 1, Teddy Wynyard 1, Matthew Maynard 1, Tom Dollery (already a pt keeper), Tim O`Brien 1, George Studd 1 & Albert Hornby 1, all England. Yashpal Sharma 1 & Ajay Jadeja 1, India. Stewie Dempster 1, Bert Sutcliffe 1, Robert Vance 1, Ross Morgan 1 & Trevor Barber, I assume, changed, all New Zealand. Javed Miandad 1, Asim Kamal 1, Hasan Raza 1, Mansoor Akhtar 1, Azam Khan 1, Naved Latif 1 & Faisal Athar 1, all Pakistan. Peter Van Der Bijl 1, Gary Kirsten 1, Fred Susskind 1, Ali Bacher 1, Louis Stricker 1, George Hearne 1, Frank Mitchell 1, Howard Francis 1, Ronald Draper already a pt keeper & Darryl Bestall 1, all South Africa. Hashan Tillakaratne 1, Tillakaratne Dilshan Tillakaratne 1, Duleep Mendis 1 & Indika De Saram 1, all Sri Lanka. Andy Ganteaume 1, Kenneth Weekes 1, Conrad Hunte 1, Desmond Haynes 1, Leslie Walcott 1, John Holt 1, Gus Logie 1, Faoud Bacchus 1 & Jim Allen 1. I also looked at the Symbols, and believe that an Opener Wicket Keeper should have the red spot, to denote WK, along side the Green spot, and the Op/Occasional WK, should have a green spot and glove. I hope you can see what I`m getting at, I honestly believe that we should be able to differentiate between a regular Wicket Keeper and an Occasional one. Hope the changes will be given consideration for the next upgrade, or in the near future.
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        Springbok 1970 Just going through these now, your point on the symbols. I think we have all the 4 types covered,

        1) Opener Full Keeper = green circle and glove, no bat Example in screenshot = Duckett
        2) Full Keeper Middle order = red ball and glove, no bat Example in screenshot = Gotch
        3) middle order part time keeper = bat and glove no ball Example in screenshot = Fernando
        4) opener part time keeper = bat and glove and green opener circle Example in screenshot = Dent

        Click image for larger version

Name:	CricketCaptain 2021-01-07 12-22-35-64.jpg
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        I feel the above is covered on our in-game help (Press F1 on the Player Records scren (as above), let me know if you think it's not.
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          Hi Sureshot, You assumed correctly, Trevor Barber. I did forget to add Cammie Smith, who should also be changed to Occasional Wicket Keeper. Thank-you for your response, I don`t think I`ve anything left you offer, unless you decide to include more ATG`s from eras past. Keep up the good work.


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            Thanks, I've got the Cammie Smith change.


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              Hi Sureshot; I know you`re probably very busy with CC2021, but would you please change South African ATG David Dyer to Opener/Occasional Wicket Keeper, his current status is Op/WK. Many thanks.