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  • International Team Selection choices

    Hi Guys,
    Newish to CC and need some advice picking my international players (England). Just recently accepted the Eng job having had two cracking seasons with Yorkshire. So I’m relatively ok with tactics.

    Now do I go with the default squad, the ‘regulars’ even though most have no or very little form? Anderson 0* Stokes 1* & 2* etc....and hope they deliver?

    Or do I just look to the County circuit and pile in players 70, 80 & 90+ form? Similar to players I’ve chosen weekly to play for Yorkshire... Or a bit of both?? I know form is important.

    Want to get this right before kicking off my International career so any advice extremely welcome!
    Thanks for any advice..

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    HI Yorkie,

    Class should be taken as priority over form. Form is a useful guide, but should only be taken as useful over an extended period, not just a few matches..


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      U can improve one's form by coaching(practice).


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        Ok and thanks for the advice. So I’m better off just ‘tweaking’ the default squad? Removing injuries and maybe fringe players on zero form, maybe popping in the odd County/ex Eng players who are performing well. G.Balance has had a stormer for Yorkshire and I’m determined to give him a run out? 5* form I can’t refuse can I ...


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          I've found that if you have the time you can improve a batsman's form by being a little more circumspect with their batting aggression. if a player's form is below 40% instead of starting them on 2 bar aggression and move them up to 3 when they are settled I start them on 1 and move them up to 2 and keep them there. This obviously effects their run rate but that is less of an issue in tests and in conjunction with batting practice you can get their form up.

          Outside of the genuine world class players (England have just 4 at the moment) if I have an experienced player at anything below 30% I look at his recent run of form. If there is a general recent upward trend I stick with him. If there isn't I'll look for someone in form - anything over 80%.

          It isn't always the case but I often find a struggling player who averages 45 but is at 30% form will struggle along at 30-40 in each innings at a slower rate than normal where as a player who averages 35 on 85% form will often come in and hit 50-80 maybe even a 100 for a few matchs, maybe even keep it up all series but their form will always dip sooner or later.