2012 Patch Information

An updated version of International Cricket Captain 2012 has been released for PC.

The new version numbers are 12.28 (download) and 12.27 (CD). You can obtain a patch by pressing the "Internet Game" button on the first screen of International Cricket Captain 2012. You will need to have admin rights to install the patch (run the game by right-clicking on the desktop icon and selecting "run as administrator").

Changes for version 12.28/12.27

  • Updated to correct Aus 20 over squads for the 2012/13 season
  • Made Kevin Pietersen available for all formats and made AB de Villiers a full-time keeper

Changes for version 12.26/12.25

  • Fixed issue caused by overseas Aus sate players.
  • Resolved contract demand errors for Indian T20.
  • Increased overseas players signed by Ind. T20 AI teams.

Changes for version 12.24/12.23

  • Fixed form button (CD version issue only).
  • Further amendments to player database (forum feedback).
  • Adjusted player abilities for 2nd tier Indian teams.
  • Included Aus state and T20 squad changes.
  • Refinements to maximum batting aggression AI.
  • Increased available Indian players for T20 contracts.
  • Corrected Aus state squad sizes.
  • Added overseas players for Aus state squads.
  • Fixed last ball batting AI.
  • Form text added to Indian and Aus T20 charts.
  • Added "last teams played for" to retired players.
  • Fixed team kit problems with edited team names.
  • Retired players’ points reduced in world rankings.
  • Runs for no-balls corrected.

Fixed for version 12.18 to 12.20 update:

  • Amendments to player database after feedback from the forum.
  • Improved batsman AI at high aggression.
  • Fix for invalid team checks for on-line play.
  • Improved player records screen, including "all players" view for international games.
  • Fixed "filter few" button on player records screen.

Known Issues

  • I get a -12 error when trying to activate my license
  • The above error can be resolved by turning off your firewall and then trying to activate your license. If that doesn’t work you can do the offline license as below:

    1. Select License on the main licensing window.
    2. On the next window, enter your Order ID and select Get Offline License
    3. Copy the entire text in the text box window.
    4. Open a browser and go to http://www.license.net/
    5. Then paste the text in the text box provided and select get license.
    6. The window will refresh with a new license code.
    7. Copy the generated license text.
    8. Go back to the product license window and select install offline license.
    9. Paste the text that was copied to the clipboard in the text window.
    10. Click complete installation.
  • Are Laptops and Integrated Graphics Chips supported by the game?
  • The Game requires a Standalone Graphics Card with DirectX 9.0 or higher with 64 MB of Video Memory. The game will run on most laptops and integrated graphics cards, but please try the demo first to make sure.
  • I have a Netbook, can I play International Cricket Captain 2012?
  • Yes, as long as your netbook has a 1024 x 600 resolution then the game will work.
  • I've installed the game, but it is unresponsive when I try to start it.
  • This problem will be caused by either:
    1) An Administrator error, you should be on an Administrator account. On Windows Vista/7 you will need to right click on ‘Run As Administrator’ as well as being an Admin account.
    2) A Data Execution Prevention issue. To resolve this please follow these instructions:

    Windows XP

    Right click on My Computer
    Click on Properties
    Click on the Advanced tab
    Click on the Settings button in the Performance section
    Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab
    Ensure the button next to Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
    Click on Add and locate to the International Cricket Captain 2012 executable, which can be found at default (file path may vary): C:\ProgramFiles\ChildishThings\InternationalCricketCaptain2012\Cricket

    Windows Vista/7

    Press the Windows button
    Click on Control Panel
    Click on System Security
    Click on System
    Click on Advanced System Settings
    Click on the Advanced tab and under Performance select Settings.
    Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab.
    Ensure the button next to Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
    Click on Add and locate to the International Cricket Captain 2012 executable, which can be found at default (file path may vary): C:\ProgramFiles\ChildishThings\InternationalCricketCaptain2012\Cricket
    3) Your Anti-Virus/Firewall is blocking the game from starting; you will need to add the game to your exceptions. In some instances you may need to temporarily turn off your anti-virus/firewall if this doesn’t work. Note: Please ensure that you turn your anti-virus and firewall back on if you have to turn them off.


    Click on the Comodo AV icon in the system tray on the Windows toolbar, select disable under the setting 'antivirus security level'



    Right click on the Avast! ball in the system tray on the Windows toolbar, scroll over ‘Avast! Shields control’ and options will appear enabling you to turn it off.

    If your anti-virus/firewall has a training mode use this. Please also remember that running two anti-virus or two firewall programs at the same time can cause conflicts.

  • When I launch the International Cricket Captain 2012 software I receive the following error message: could not get caps for device.
  • This can be linked to a couple of things.

    1. The game is being run with an Integrated Graphics Chip set. Please note: Integrated Graphics Chipsets / Laptops are not fully supported by the game.
    2. Either you have recently re-installed your Windows Software and have not installed or updated your Graphics card driver, or the graphics card driver has become corrupt.

    To ensure that you have the correct driver installed please use the following instructions.

    How to access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool regarding Windows XP and Vista.

    A. From your Windows XP Desktop.

    - Click on the Start button,
    - Click on the Run option,
    - Type dxdiag and press your Enter key or click OK,
    - The Direct X Diagnostic Tool will load up

    B. From your Windows Vista/Windows 7 Desktop

    From Windows Desktop

    -Click on the Start button.
    -In the Start/Search Box type DXDIAG and press Enter or OK.
    -The Direct x Diagnostic Tool will load up.

    DirectX information you need to check regarding the Graphics card is as follows.

    -To check the Driver of the Graphics Card, click on the Display Tab at the top of the screen, look in the Driver details section on the right hand side and check that the Main Driver: information does not read vga.dll.

    -Look in the Device section on the left had side and check that you have information regarding your Graphics Card in the following fields.

    1.Name: ( this should display the make and name of the Graphics card option you have installed )
    2.Approx Total Memory: (This should display the amount of memory that you Graphics option has to utilize) this should read 64MB or higher.

    If there is no information in the Name: or Approx Total Memory: fields and the driver name is vga.dll then you will need to obtain information about you Graphics Option ( from your PC specification or manufacturer ) and install the latest driver for that option from the PC manufacturers website or the Graphics Chipset Manufacturers website.
  • When I start a game the Ball, Bat or parts of the Stadium are Black.
  • We have found that some Integrated Graphics Chipsets which are used in PCs and Laptops do not support the requirements of the game regarding the engine that International Cricket Captain 2012 uses. We have advised that Integrated Graphics Chipsets and Laptops are not supported by the game but it will work on most configurations. Try the demo to make sure.
  • What should I do first regarding this game?
  • We would recommend that when you have installed the game that you check for any updates using the Internet game option from the game front menu. When you connect to the server your version will be verified and if any updates are available you will be given the option to download them at this point. Updates can only be obtained from the Server. Note: Broadband internet connection is required for internet play and product update.

    Secondly, please ensure that you have read the manual before you start.

    This will give you an insight into the options that are available within the game and how to select your teams, change bowling tactics, batting, settings etc. If you have any questions regarding the game then please refer to the manual first. The manual can be found in the main game folder.
  • Emulator detected error message (CD version).
  • SecuROM has determined you are trying to start the protected application from a virtual drive. Please refer to the following procedure to remedy:

    1.Please deactivate your virtual drives and emulation software. It is not necessary to completely remove or uninstall them. Other programs, similar to emulation tools (e.g. CloneCD/DVD, AnyDVD and DVD Region Killer) can cause this message. Deactivating these tools should solve the problem, if present.
    2.If the problem persists, please send a SecuROM analysis file to support@securom.com (see details below on how to do this).

    SecuROM developed this easy-to-use and effective error analysis tool to retrieve information necessary to locate the problem. The information contained in the analysis file is compressed and encrypted.

    Make sure the original disc (play or launch disc) is in a local CD or DVD-ROM drive.
    Please reboot your computer and do not start any additional applications.
    Right-click (click the right button of your mouse) on the desktop shortcut or actual executable.
    A dialog menu will appear. Choose Launch Analysis from the menu choices.
    After selecting Launch Analysis, a disclaimer window will appear.
    To proceed, please click onto the Yes button.
    The program will now generate an AnalysisLog.sr0 file within the root of your C:\ directory.
    Please Zip or Winrar (archive) this file (to avoid email corruption) and send it to our official email address support@securom.com together with a description of your problem (e.g. screenshots, further details).
    Please be informed the SecuROM analysis file does not contain any personal information. It contains only SecuROM related information, which allows us to analyze and solve your problem.
  • What if I encounter issues regarding the installation of a patch under Windows Vista and if I receive Sum Check Errors?
  • 1) Uninstall the game.
    2) Make sure all files are deleted from the drive where you installed the game (e.g. c:\Program Files\Childish Things\International Cricket Captain 2012)
    3) Reinstall and do not modify any files or folders.
    - If you have a CD version, re-install from there
    - If you have a download version, download from the Childish Things Website again and re-install (just in case your previous download was corrupt).
    4) Run the game.
    5) Press internet game to patch
    6) Once the patch has installed, you will need to quit and re-start the game from your normal start link for it to be able to locate your saved games.
  • Downloading patch file stalls at various % amounts.
  • This could be due to one of the following:
    1) Anti-virus/Firewall software – You should disable these if you are having problems with the patching process.
    2) Very important - whilst downloading ICC if running in a window it MUST have focus otherwise the download will fail. Users should not switch to other programs. This is also the same when playing on-line. When playing on-line it is actually recommended to play full screen.
    3) If a download attempt fails you must fully exit ICC and ideally delete the partially downloaded file before retrying.
    4) Firewalls must allow access to port 2283.