2020 Fix List

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Steam 20.14, Mac 20.34, iOS 20.64 and Android 20.84

  • Fixed coaching sessions icon not displaying
  • Fixed distribution of points for Online matches
  • Android 10: Fixed app purchasing crashes

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Steam 20.13, Mac 20.33, iOS 20.63 and Android 20.83

  • Updated Aus 20 Over PowerPlays and points system
  • Updated overseas player rules for Aus 20 Over
  • Updated database, including winter team changes
  • Fixed coaching issues when managing two teams
  • Fix for field setting popup combobox if batsmen retired hurt
  • Added max overs to change bowler popup

Android 9 or higher only: fixed crash when watching highlights

Android only: fixed issue with unlocking achievements

Android only: optimisations for restoring purchases on Android

iOS and Android phones: fixes for overlapping rules text

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.12 (Steam), 20.32 (Mac), 20.62 (iOS) and 20.82 (Android)

  • Reduced wicket chance when batting on max aggression
  • Reduced retired hurt chance
  • Fixed issue with AI not generating players when not enough to make an XI
  • Fixed swapping of batsmen in 100 ball matches
  • Updated database
  • Updated international fixtures
  • Randomised groups for Eng OD Trophy
  • Fixed duplicate bad light message
  • Added joint winners for Test Champ Final if drawn
  • Stopped conflict between 100 ball Final and Challenge Trophy SF
  • Multiplayer optimisations
  • Fixed overseas contract lengths

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.11 (Steam), 20.31 (Mac), 20.61 (iOS) and 20.81 (Android)

  • Improved FC Strike Rates
  • Improved AI chasing in the 4th innings
  • Fixed DLS par score after rain delay mid 2nd innings
  • Added a squad cap of 18 for 100-ball teams
  • Updated database
  • Fixed following on in Online matches
  • Improved online stability
  • Fixed Kolpak players not retiring
  • Fixed occasional blank record message box
  • Fixed retired players not being stored if they only played 20 Over Int
  • Improved player retirement code for internationals
  • Added Nepal to Custom Match Series
  • Updated Save scorecard feature to save all innings and now uses default name (PC and Mac only)
  • Removed 2037 champions trophy
  • Fixed restricted overs display in reduced overs matches
  • Fixed wicket keeper abilities

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Steam: 20.10, Mac: 20.30, iOS: 20.60, Android: 20.80

  • Fixed occasional crash before World Cups
  • Fixed Test Match Championship Final sometimes missing squad selection
  • Improved Dropbox timestamp recognition
  • Fixed crash at end of WI 20 Over Final

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.09

  • Fixed club, legend and hero achievements
  • Updated Team and Versus records for new Pakistan teams for matches from 2019/20 onwards
  • Fixed nonEngDom teams generating regens before 1st contracts section
  • Moved Pakistan home fixtures to Pakistan (only applies to new saves)
  • Fixed WIDom contracts not taking place if reaching WI20Over Final
  • Added missing series to all Test Match Championships
  • Fixed players retired from a match type not playing 2nd XI
  • Updated player database

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.08

  • Fixed England squad selections during 100
  • Updated database including updated West Indies 20 Over squads
  • Updated Namibia and PNG kits/emblem
  • Corrected netRR calculation for OD matches

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.07

  • Fixed issue in later years with saves being unable to progress
  • Updated Database including forum feedback
  • Fix for occasional bug that allowed users to pick extra overseas players in online games

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.06

  • Fixed rare crash if playing FC whilst Test Championship Final is on
  • Fixed rare crash at end of match
  • Added runs to win in highlights (displays when less than 20 required)
  • Updated database
  • Fixed revised target message appearing in first innings of DLS matches
  • Add reserve keeper to domestic team if none available
  • Fixed AI bowler use in 100 ball matches
  • Fixed bug with AI chasing hard targets

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.05

  • Improved contracts AI including squad balance, competition for best players, and 100-ball team system
  • Improved second innings batting AI when chasing in OD matches
  • Fixed best bowling records pop-up display bug
  • Fixed blank message box for job offers
  • Updated player database with feedback from forum and social media
  • Updated international captains
  • Updated overseas players restrictions for squads and final XIs in all game modes
  • Addition of youth players to squad when not enough players to make 11
  • Updated 20 Over World Cup
  • Improved team kits
  • Namibia and Papua New Guinea added to Custom Match Series and ATG

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.04:

  • Fixed crash if 2nd innings of computer OD match washed out
  • Fixed wrong message showing when accepting international captaincy
  • Fixed 100 and 20 Over fielding restrictions (including rain reduced)
  • Fixed DLS par score if 2nd innings has reduced overs from start
  • Fixed adding stats to players twice if 2nd innings of OD washed out
  • Allowed players to return from 100 when their team doesn't reach knockouts
  • Fix for 20 Over records not showing in Pakistan Domestic

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.03:

  • Fixed rain delay matches when rain happens over innings change
  • Fixed priority of 100 team fixtures over Eng County
  • Updated Australian International fixtures in 2020
  • Updated group table names in Eng OD

Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.02:

  • Fixed stats issue causing additional not outs, high SR and missing form graph innings.
  • Fixed crash playing as West Indies
  • Updated database including feedback from various sources
  • Fixed Indian 20 Over 2019 team results