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Running old ICC games on windows 98

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  • Running old ICC games on windows 98


    When I try to play the original International Cricket Captain on windows 98 the music starts up but the screen goes black and I can't do anything other than reset the pc. Same issue with ICC 2 and ICC 2001 except I can at least close these. Australian Cricket Captain runs fine. Any ideas on fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

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    So after playing around with things it appears the issue is with my soundcard. Game boots fine when sound card is removed but crashes when sound card is installed. All other games no issues at all, just ICC series. Has anybody come across this or know of a workaround?


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      Great to hear you've got them going! Are you really running Windows 98 as the host Operating System? That is a mighty effort if so!
      All of my early versions of CC are on VM's, makes it easy to backup the disk in case of failure.