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Play on a different PC - Activating on two machines

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  • Play on a different PC - Activating on two machines

    Ive just bought a new Laptop and wondered how I activate the license on it?!

    You can play the same license on a different PC cant you?

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    You can play the game on two Windows machines at the same time.

    Download and install the game on to your machine (latest download link is always available through the download button at the top of the website), after installation the game should auto-start and the eLicense menu will start.

    At this point you will need your Order ID, this will have been sent to you in an e-mail after purchasing the game, if you no longer have this then please contact us via the contact on the left with the name and e-mail address you used when buying the game and I can retrieve your license for you.

    I'm not sure the instructions for this are on the forums, so I shall pin this.


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      Ive inboxed you, I need my order ID resent please!


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        On how many machines is it allowed and what happens if I decide to uninstall it and reinstall it on the same PC?


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          You can have the game installed on two machines at once.

          If you uninstall and re-install on the same machine then it will remember your license details (unless you've formatted your hard-drive), so you shouldn't need to activate a license again.


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            Okay, the game is so addicting that it's too dangerous to have it on my pc all the time


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              I m installing 2013 on my pc and after entering the order id when i clickon generate off line licecnce , it says all liceneces are busy or something like that. plz help


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                Please send us a message through the box here:


                Please include your Order ID in that message and I can release an activation for you.