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13.05 Bug Reports

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  • 13.05 Bug Reports

    Please read the details below and in the database errors thread before posting

    Version 13.05 details

    This thread is for bug reports, database errors should be reported here:

    Database Errors

    A clear and detailed bug report will make it easier for us to confirm the bug. We need to be able to repeat the bug to fix it, so as an example:
    Bug: Wrong points for a win in English Domestic First Class
    Process: English career mode> Domestic Tables > Rules
    Please mention what game mode you are in when you are mentioning the repeat process.

    Highlights bugs
    These are difficult to repeat, so if you spot a highlight bug we will need a game save from the end of the relevant over.
    We understand some of you will want to carry on your save, so please save and exit the game. Locate the relevant game save in the saves folder (please see Support section of the website), copy the relevant game saves to another location and send them on to us. Once you’ve done that you can carry on with your save.

    Please keep database errors and bugs separate (we may move/delete/merge ones in the wrong place), please keep bug reports errors in this thread and don’t post them in other threads, it’s hard to keep track of a potential issue if it is stored in a story thread, etc. Please make us aware of any misplaced posts.


    Known bugs
    Small stats error for Associates players - unfortunately fixing this isn't possible for the immediate future.
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    Bug: ICC 2013 13.05

    Bug: On Windows 8 and 8.1 Operating Systems, the 'Shuffle' in [Control Panel > Personalization > Desktop Backgrounds] stops working and the selected wallpapers stop shuffling automatically

    The issue has been tested on clean installations of Windows 8 and 8.1 and begins to occur exactly on returning to desktop after running the game for the 1st time after installation. Also occurs in Windowed game mode on quitting the game

    Solution: Only un-installation of ICC 2013 solves the issue as of now

    Game version is a full pre-patched installer of ICC 2013 13.05


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      Ok, so the recording is bad but you'll see it clearly enough. The ball clearly crosses the boundary, and the fielder is clearly over the boundary when he takes the catch. Yet it's still out


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        Can I raise a bug regarding monthly updates for the "new" game ... Fortnightly would be better than monthly if possible