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Australian database: positives and negatives

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  • Australian database: positives and negatives

    The Australian database is one of the weaker points of the game. There are many things that need improving. Having said that there are many positives too.

    • Many up and coming cricketers such as Joe Burns, Nic Maddinson and Nathan Coulter-Nile are being selected
    • Many players like Warner and Hughes develop throughout the game

    Database errors


    [*]Sean Abbott, one of Australia's finest talents doesn't play a single game on Cricket Captain
    [*]Moises Henriques is seriously overrated-he becomes Australia's premier all-rounder in every save game I have
    [*]Michael Clarke is always rubbish in the game-might get a few runs in the first season but can't even make the NSW team the next
    [*]Ben Hilfenhaus is extremely underrated-he almost never plays for Australia
    [*]Jackson Bird is too good-I understand that he may be a good player but in one game he gets over 600 wickets!!
    [*]Australia produce ace regen spinners-I know many people will say Warne but look at Australia's spin bowling now-Ashton Agar being selected for Australia after going as a net bowler!!
    [*]Speaking of Ashton Agar- on this game he doesn't even make the WA team. I know he isn't great but he should at least play for WA.
    [*]Luke Ronchi still plays for Australia on CC12
    [*]Mitchell Marsh is a batting allrounder but on CC12 he is a bowling allrounder who averages around 20 with the bat
    [*]If a player isn't available for the season you can't sign him. They usually would still play 1 or 2 games so this needs to be fixed ASAP
    [*]Chris Rogers is no good on CC12
    [*]Aaron Finch is rubbish-he doesn't even play for Victoria
    [*]The up and coming players currently have 2nd team averages of, for batsman around 35 and bowlers around 30. This means they are unselectable even if they are good in real life

    I hope this is helpful. Please give me your thoughts.
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    Hey mate,

    I agree with most of what you have mentioned in your post. A lot of it however comes back to the save that you generate, each which will be different to the past and the next save.

    I won't argue that Clarke isn't as good as he is in reality, nor is Rogers, Hilfy, etc., however I guess we need to understand that a lot of the customisation of players is based on what their performances were like at the last release/patch date and the expectations as well.

    - Sean Abbott may have talent, but I would say he is yet to demonstrate a consistent season yet, and has been in and out of the NSW squad all of last season.
    - I've never really picked Henriques consistently in any of my saves, however when I have he has performed better than what he does (similar to what Hughes was like in ICC3)
    - Can't argue with Clarkey, being Australia's best bat he continually underperforms, hoping this is reconciled in 2013.
    - The issue with Hilfy is that at time of release he wasn't in the Test squad, however I do agree the game could be more dynamic to appreciate he should be thereabouts in the starting XI.
    - With Bird, yes he is good, but it could also just be the save you have! Plus he's only played a handful of Tests- who's to say he won't be that good!!! (I'm certainly hoping for it)
    - With Ashton Agar, once more at time of release of 2012 he hadn't made his FC debut so it is a little difficult, as you can imagine, to generate a player based on heresay. Now he's made his debut and there is massive wraps on him, he may become more of a focus in future editions.
    - I honestly can't tell if Mitch Marsh is a bowling all-rounder or batting all-rounder yet. Until he develops into one or the other I think we can expect to see some inconsistencies from save to save with what he produces.
    - I would disagree slightly on this point- I can't recall Watson, Clarke, Warner, Pattinson, Siddle or any of the other mainstays playing domestic cricket unless they are coming back from injury. In today's world of sports science and 'rotation' such players will more than likely rest than play in the domestic scene (unless dropped) so it does reflect a real life situation to an extent.
    - I can only attribute Finch and Rogers to the save generation, however I do know Finch could be better, especially in the shorter formats.
    - I guess I need to ask if you can see any players currently in the domestic averaging anything better than these figures? I can't and that's the biggest problem with Australian cricket at the moment. 10 years ago it was a different story. I personally believe such generation is reflective of reality and it is up to us as 'Captains' so to speak to identify the potential talent in some of these players and train them up to improve.

    Just with Ronchi, he only became eligible to play for NZ late last year (Oct 2012 rings a bell) thus at the time of the release of ICC2012, technically he could still play for Australia, if selected.

    All the feedback is much appreciated and does mirror a lot of what I have questioned in the past as well, hopefully I can now assist more closely to make the Australian domestic scene as realistic as the English scene.

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      Originally posted by the_trademarc View Post
      - Can't argue with Clarkey, being Australia's best bat he continually underperforms, hoping this is reconciled in 2013
      After the southern hemisphere season (just concluded), I reckon Clarke will be among the top 5 batsmen in the game (I assume the player rankings play some part in tweaking abilities?).


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        Originally posted by KGKOOLKAT777 View Post
        [*]Aaron Finch is rubbish-he doesn't even play for Victoria
        He is rubbish, that's why he doesn't play more FC cricket for Victoria. (Although that doesn't say much about NSW's batting that he wanted to come here for more oppotunities.)


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          Originally posted by NSWBlue View Post
          He is rubbish, that's why he doesn't play more FC cricket for Victoria. (Although that doesn't say much about NSW's batting that he wanted to come here for more oppotunities.)
          He's not the best at FC cricket, but he is very handy in OD cricket.