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  • ICC 2012 observations

    A few observations from playing ICC 2012 on the ipad.

    1. Still the biggest problem with the game is not the data, nor the interface but unrealistic player selections. As a Glamorgan captain, I do not expect my international player - Marcus North - to be selected for the national side, considering he hasn't played international cricket since the 2009 Ashes. That is just one example, and there are countless, countless others. The ICC team place so much emphasis on real-life fixtures and tours, yet it seems not as much time on player selections. Tim Paine should not be in the Australian Test side, as again, he has not played international cricket in 4 years.

    2. So many wickets fall after a batsman has just hit a 4. I almost know exactly when a wicket will fall. Does anyone else notice this? Also, I have noticed lots of players getting out for odd numbers, 21, 31, 41, 51.. is there research that confirms that players for more regularly on odd numbers? Keep this in mind next time you play and you can be sure that 1/3 wickets fall after a boundary is hit.

    3. I have played the game since 1998, but have never seen a run out and the non-strikers end. Why?

    4. When selecting your team, using the default "combined" listing, it displays players innings - not matches played. Not sure why this was changed but I am not a fan?

    5. After many years of annoyance, I am happy that most Australian games are now played at the SCG/MCG. For so long, you would only play at these grounds every 4-5 years during a 5-Test home Ashes series. The design team did a great job on these grounds, so it makes sense to use them often.

    6. Maybe it is my lack of skill, but I have noticed that if you are lucky enough to remove the top and middle order early, you can be assured that the opposition number 8 and 9 will put on a 150 run partnership. It's difficult to remove sides for poultry totals.

    Day-night ODI games would be a wonderful addition, as well as rain-weather interrupted ODI/List-A games. Let's face it, 99.9% of limited-overs games are played under floodlights.

    Recent additions of the Aussie domestic season and the IPL has breathed new life into the game, yet there is still nothing as fulfilling as a full county season.

    Overall, a solid and still very enjoyable game. I am actually playing the game a lot more than I used to on the iPad - a wonderful addition.

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    1. When you get players playing internationals who shouldn't be, then we can only ask you let us know. It's quite tricky to make players like North not get picked by the AI and yet still be available if the user wants to pick them for their own team. Noted on those players.

    2. The odd numbers thing is in your head., As for getting out after a four, happens in real life quite a bit, without being able to compare real life figures (which I doubt exist) to in game, I don't know what else to say to this.

    3. They're rare, I've seen one or two. The match engine is largely symbolic, it's something we need to look at, but there are more important things to do.

    4. Innings is far more relevant, I think.

    6. This is one area of the real world of cricket that has massively changed since the 90s, the game is very dynamic now and very few teams wants more than one bowler who can't bat even a bit. I've said it before, Tino Best made 90 odd last summer, Dizzy made a double ton, Finn batting for five hours in New Zealand, etc. That said, it is something we keep an eye on, if you have specific examples of bunnies making centuries (Monty, Chris Martin, etc) then we'll look in to it, but the reason is mostly down to the fact that the batting average of #8-11 has shot up massively in the last 15-20 years.


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      Thanks for your reply, Sureshot. Appreciate it.

      With the last point, I appreciate that bowlers can now bat a bit and often can rescue an innings. Your Tino Best example is a good one. However, in recent years there have been many, many low scores by good batting line-ups. England in Jamaica in 2009, Australia against Pakistan in 2010 x 2, recently the Kiwis against South Africa. I take your point though and I'll let you know if Monty scores a ton