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50 to 100 Conversion rates problem

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  • 50 to 100 Conversion rates problem

    My players hardly ever score hundreds. I am consistently racking up big scores in Tests, almost always 350+ in the first innings, yet no one ever scores a hundred. So many players score 50s and then get out. The amount of times that players get out in the 90s is also frustrating. Does anyone else get this problem?

    I almost never put my batsmen on more than 3 bars aggression, but when on 3 bars, my team scores at a run rate of about 2.5. Is this normal? It seems low to me. Even when on 4 bars, my batsmen's strike rate is only about 50, and they're not even defensive players!

    Other than that, this game is really good.
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    That is problem in in one days Out in 90s not for Test, When in batsman reach to 90 I put aggression bar back until reach 100
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      My record in tests is 184 hundreds to 495 fifties, generally leaving them on three bars through most of their innings.

      I've seen AI sides have much lower ratios of centuries, though.

      Strike rates are low, around 40-50 even for aggressive players, so you're not alone there.


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        I've had this happen quite a bit too. It's obviously based in reality - the nervous nineties and all that, but it does seem a little too frequent. I've had players out on 98/99 quite a few times.

        As for the aggression, one of the tips in the main menu mentions this. When on three bars an aggressive batsman will generally score at a strike rate of about 50, so 2.5 an over seems understandable. Just wait for the bad bowlers to come on and turn the aggression up .