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    I've been playing the 2012 version of this game on and off since it came out but I have always struggled with oneday matches. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for them? On the old games I was fine with setting the aggression at 5 and always ending up with a decent to great score but if I do that on the 2012 game I end up all out for a score around 180 or 200 at best. If I set my players to 4 bars then they end up with strike rates around 60 and if I try to set their aggression bars higher they just get out straight away. I haven't downloaded the new patch yet. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for reaching good scores of 250-260 on a regular basis?

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    Originally posted by JarrydSpag View Post
    I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for reaching good scores of 250-260 on a regular basis?
    what i do when batting, is picking Very Aggressive or Aggressive Batsmen From 1-7/8 (aggressive all rounders come in handy with this) and i put the aggression level on 5 bars, until there settled bar is about where the aggression level is set, this could take anywhere from 5 overs to 15 overs per batsmen, depending on the game! and then raising the aggression the more settles they are or depending on there score! this usually gets be in the 230-300 range each game!


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      Cheers for the reply Sureshot I e-mailed the mac developers after I started this thread and their reply was that they're close to sending it off to submission, and they were hoping to get it in before Christmas. Don't know whether thats still the case now?


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