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The Importance of Batting Order

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  • The Importance of Batting Order

    What is the importance of your batting order. Obviously openers are openers but how would you normally determine whether a batsmen should be at 3, 4, 5 or 6 and so on.
    There are some formulas to a batting order and they can differentiate between forms of the game. For example; in a test match you have an aggressor bat at 7 and you would usually have your highest averaging batsmen at 3.
    Do laws like these apply in the game and make much difference? Does a batting order really matter for allrounders and batsmen?

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    This is a tricky question to answer with no definitive proof. Obviously, the no.6/7 thing still applies, as they may have less time to score their runs before the team are all out. I seem to remember someone saying at some point that an opening batsman also has a reduced advantage batting at 3, a la Vaughan. Of course, also, in one day matches especially, it helps to choose a number 3 from your better batsman who has a pace preference, as the seamers will likely still be in operation when he comes in. Apart from that, I generally just go on a whim when deciding batting order, and have who I like batting where I like!


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      Traditionally in first-class cricket, a team's most gifted batsman would bat at four, with the top three all defensive to see off the new ball. England's top four of Cook, Compton, Trott and Pietersen is a good example of this. As you said, no. 6 or 7 is usually more aggressive such as Prior.

      With the advent of limited-overs cricket, batting orders are more flexible and the more aggressive batsmen would bat nearer the top - see Pietersen's position of 3 in ODIs and 2 in T20Is. The white ball does not move so much or for so long so a good technique is not as essential as in red-ball cricket.


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        Originally posted by Imager36 View Post
        I generally just go on a whim when deciding batting order, and have who I like batting where I like!
        Exactly what im doing at the moment but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Aus league as vic bushrangers and can't seem to finish higher than 4th in every comp (including T20) since 2012, now its 2042 and i still havent bread a succesful team so im wondering if it could be batting order.