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  • bowling question

    when bowling against a batsmen who uses opposite hand..i.e a left handed batsmen and a right handed bowler, should you always start with the right handed bowler going around wicket..i.e bowling to right hand side of stumps as oppose to left hand side when facing a right handed batsmen. Or should you just use the orthodox side for the bowler regardless of the batsmen as a default setup???

    if i face left handed batsmen and only have RH bowlers i never know how to set the bowler as a standard setup.

    if you can follow that your a better man than i, i have tried many different explanations and this is best i can do...sorry

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    Most right-arm bowlers bowl over the wicket (left side of the stumps) regardless of whether the batsman is LH or RH. However, if for a tactical reason you wish to alter the angle (as Morkel and Steyn do to Strauss by bowling round the wicket in ongoing Test series) then you can.

    In the game, I usually always bowl over the wicket unless things get desperate!

    Hope that at least partly answers your question!


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      thats great...thanks