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    I was not going to come back to this story but I have been playing on and I have come to a very interesting time. It is the beginning of the 2019 season. I will run through the Yorkshire team now and NZ team in the next post.



    Joe Root
    - A great player, he has always provided a rock at the top of the order and therefore due to his consistency and a lack of openers have always played him.

    Robert Bloom

    - A youth team player who I picked up in the auction. A decent second team average but won't get a game unless an injury, national call-up or a serious form lapse falls upon one of my other openers.
    Justin Roth
    - A regen whp was just coming in when I started the story but now one of Yorkshire's best batsman at present. A designated opener in the shorter formats he opens the batting for England in the shorter formats and fits into the middle order in Test Matches. When we have him he will play for us as an opener but we usually don't have him for long!


    Gary Ballance
    - a great batsman for me. I always put physio on him, he is always the number 3 for me and the best part is he never get selected for England as he is a Kolpak player. I always expect him to play a big role in future campaigns.

    Eric Payne
    - Eric Payne is a regen who I picked up in an auction in about 2014 for a moderate price. Now he is quite expensive. He is a super first class player and represents England in test matches. However he is a domestic player and struggles to find a place in my limited overs team (miraculously he has played 58 ODIs and 11 T20s for England).

    Joseph French
    - oddly enough one of my youth players who I never gave up on with coaching and training and now he is breaking into the England XI. A super player in all formats he is definitely my X-Factor.

    Stuart Callan
    - a regen who has been around the senior team for a couple of years is a useful player to have in my team but rarely gets a game due to an incredible batting line-up. He is uncapped in 20-20, he has played only a handful of One-Day games and just over 30 first class games for an average of just under 30.
    Jack Parry
    - a young regen who has a very useful average in first-class and one-day but is a star in 20-20. He has an excellent strike-rate and great average which makes him a huge target for the Indian Premier League. When he is not in India bashing the bowlers around he is playing for England but when I have him I am grateful (it may not look like it when I bat him at 5 in FC and 4 in the limited overs formats when he bats at 3 for England but it mainly because I want to keep Ballance and Payne at the top of the order in FC but in limited overs when Payne goes Parry gets a promotion.

    David Mooney
    - he is also a very useful FC player hanging around the FC side at 6 or 7 but with the firepower in our line-up may miss out in some FC matches and most/all of the limited overs matches.

    Denis Perham
    - a regen I picked up at the most recent auction. He has a super 2nd team average of 75 and will be jostling with Mooney for that last spot in the FC team but I expect him to be a regular in the limited overs team.


    Jonny Bairstow
    - constantly playing for England or in the IPL but is always a great performer for my hence why I have kept him in the team since the beginning. He usually bats 5 or 6.

    Adam Wheater
    - my number one reserve keeper. I pinched him from Essex very early on and since then when Bairstow has been away he usually takes the gloves. Early on I used to give him the gloves and play Bairstow as a batsman but I have too many good players to do that now but it is good to have in case of an emergency.

    Tim Webster
    - a decent keeper but usually struggles to find a game even if Bairstow is away but I do sometimes play him as a batsman or if Wheater has a massive form lapse. (note: I just looked at his profile and he has played a test match!)


    Tim Bresnan
    - always a consistent performer for me when he is not playing for England or in India. Usually gets an England contract.

    Adil Rashid
    - used to play a big part for me but now spends most of his time in the second XI (although he does play an occasional limited overs match if my other all-rounders are away)

    Chris Woakes
    - I managed to pick up Woakes in the most recent auction for a very cheap price. When he isn't away he will play a very big role for me as I may play 5 bowlers on certain occasions.

    Seam Bowlers

    Chris Allemby
    - yes Allemby is still with me. He has spearheaded the attack for many years and was even selected for England at one point but his magic is wearing off a bit as last year his performances were not that great but only 26 still has plenty of time to prove he is worthy of a spot in my XI.

    Harry Burton
    - a limited overs specialist. He is still young at 24 and has been selected by England in the shorter formats but just doesn't seem suited to the longer formats averaging 37 in 37 FC matches but in the short formats he is a gem averaging under 20 in both formats. Don't expect to play a big role in our FC campaign but will play a huge part in the shorter formats.

    James Harris
    -very expensive but worth it as he played a crucial role last year and expect him to again this year.

    Chris Turpin
    - a regen I picked up in the most recent auction. Uncapped in FC but highly successful starts to his limited overs career. He averages 23 in One-Day and a mere 5.17 in 20-20. True he has only played one One-Day game and 2 20-20s but a promising start nonetheless to a guy who averages just above 20 for the 2nd team.

    Sorry No Spinners!


    Chaminda de Silva - Sri Lanka
    - originally C de Silva I picked him up for a whopping 97,500 so he better perform or I will be angry.


    Ian Commins - South Africa
    - a decent bowler who was my overseas player for quite sometime but he has been delegated to reserve.

    20-20 Players

    Bhanuka Rajapaksa - Sri Lanka
    - a very good aggressive player who I expect to play a big role as a finisher.

    Shaun Tait - Australia
    - why did I pick him? To be honest I don't know myself. He is 36 and pretty expensive but I think he will only be on the bench.

    Click image for larger version

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    Right that's Yorkshire done stay tuned for New Zealand. (apologies for the poor quality of the pictures but it won't let me upload my imageshack files - it says they are too big, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, also any suggestions for the presentation of my story I would be happy to consider.)
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    • I am thinking of doing a one season revival of this story sometime in the future. Anyone interested?