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  • License Problem

    I've just purchased and downloaded the game. When I attempt to unlock the game and enter my Order ID I get this message: 'Unable to get or install a license. Retrieval of licence failed with error code = 999.' Can anyone help me out?

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    That's an unknown error, try again, be careful when inputting your Order ID to not carry any extra spaces.


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      I enabled the License Then 2 days before My system was hanged after that when I started ICC 2012 Its sayings Trial version
      I will again use my License This means two attempts will lost for next time

      Is this License is based on number two systems based or number of times I can use on same system
      After Historical Retired Players Stats ,Captains Record
      Is my Next Dream


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        You can use your license on any two machines at the same time. If you use these up from re-formats and re-installing Windows, then contact us and we'll assist further.