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International Cricket Captain 2012 Out Now

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  • International Cricket Captain 2012 Out Now

    Download link:

    Been delayed over the last couple of days due to the addition of Historical data, this is for all test teams and you'll see some new sort functions. Great way of comparing current players with past legends.

    One thing to note that you may not realise straight away with the one day and 20 over specialists is in contract windows and player records, etc, that if they are a specialist their icon will change when you switch to that format in the filter.

    So as an example, if you're on an England screen and select one day or 20 over you'll see Pietersen's icon change from middle order to opener.

    No changes to the interface this year, lots of work needed to get the Indian 20 over working, amongst all the changes to stats, not just historical but the tournament stats, brilliant selection tool, which combined with bowler strike rates makes selection all the more informative.

    We've really enjoyed the new features and hope you will do too. It has been a very hard slog the last few weeks (Chris was up till 5 this morning getting historical data ready), but the result is something we're proud of. Have fun.

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    thnx for diz owsum game... gonna be a fun in vacations


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      thanks but not working on my pC.. I have created a thread also