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First Impressions of ICC 2012

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    He's good, but he's not actually in the top 10 for either test or ODI rankings at the mo' (Which I'll admit surprised me a little)
    Ajmal is no2 in tests and no3 in ODIs check again please
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      lol yeh i was going to say that too, was talking about ajmal


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        Enjoying the game. I didn't buy last years version, but took the plunge tonight and shelled out for the licence.

        The batting so far seems better than ICC10.

        Edit I am now into season3 with Surrey, and after winning the County in my first season, I have found the batting is much harder in season2 and beyond. It seems to become a bowlers game again.

        A little disappointed
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          Rounouts are far better than in previous versions of the game but it still feels like there are too many unrealistic test match runouts with batsmen on low agression taking needless risks - I suppose because there's no animation for the "colossal screw-up runout" then it just looks that way when actually its a runout due to a miscommunication.

          Posted this on the end of a post about the database and realise I put it in the wrong place (sorry):

          Minor irritations: I'm not sure its realistic to have so many c&bs off the quicks (running up, tossing it down at 90 and then catching it up by your ear ain't that easy), I also seem to see players getting massive inside edges to short square leg rather more often than happens in the real game (hence, I suppose, the default fields having so many catchers on leg side and relative to slips). Any chance we could have fewer of them and more outside edges to slip?

          Also the sixes seem a bit random - far more than I would expect (ie more than none) at random moments in the middle of tests and fewer than I would expect in the shorter form of the game.

          Final quibble: almost all the default fields have very few players outside the circle. As such it doesn't seem to make much difference when I take my powerplay as the AI didn't have anyone on the boundary in any instance. Any chance the default fields could feature 2 or 3 boundary sweepers in the non PP overs of ODIs?

          Also to say this game is magnificent so don't want to seem ungrateful. Thank you for creating this magnificent product.


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            If any one ask First Impression "Then yeah buddy too tough to win"

            But life does not end in First Impression There is second impression Too

            Yes i will say Its excellent Game Play Very Very Very Huge Improvement in Game Play even After Patch likes Ice on a cake

            Spending such hours and come to The game is just balanced in any format
            ether test , One day Or T-20 Specially T-20 and One day Improved much
            after the Latest patch specially If we play IPL
            English format yes just wonderful
            Online mode I cannot see any disconnect or any error regards to online mode
            Perfect peace

            In One word "Jhakaaaaaaasssssssssssssss"
            After Historical Retired Players Stats ,Captains Record
            Is my Next Dream


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              Who's the jackass ?


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                I love the new game - realism is better and the game feels massively improved. I wish that the day 1 ranking system could be manipulated to give the correct order - even if a different system then ensues..


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                  for ages 3 and up.. uh huh.

                  To quote my nephew "this game is crap, it's too hard" ... I cleaned that up, but from a 9 year old boy who loves cricket, that doesn't sound good. I checked his game, it was on easy, as England, and the Windies were clobbering him. Kids won't wanna play this, especially those under 13.


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                    I have the iPad version, and while I've been able to get many hours of play out of it, there are some frustrating aspects. Spinners seem quite overpowered in user-controlled games and simulated scores are just too low (especially in one-day matches). I don't care about new features, I just want the match engine tweaked.


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                      Exactly, that really gives away the result of the over. I have noticed it since 2010 version. And in the auction in IPL, all the good players are let go by teams, which is so unreal. I mean, like, would Bangalore give away Virat Kohli or Chris Gayle? Also, Sunil Narine (Kolkata) is no good at all, unlike in reality. Also, each time I play Ipl, by 2015-16 I have all the good players on my team. By 2018-19, unknown players such as "C Pandey", "I Joglekar", "A Dani" etc. enter the auction for 600K to 1M, and are there on the indian team, each time a different "unknown" player. Please fix all of this by 2013 version.