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    I have just noticed that the England 20/20 format is wrong at the QF stage: All the south group play away in the QF stage when the top 2 in the south group should be playing at home. This has the effect that you can't create a pitch for your spinners/seamers The challenge trophy SF stage home/away matchups looks correct though from what I've seen!


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      I don't know if these are bugs as such, but they are rather perculiar... I'm playing the iPhone version.

      I'm noticing the records page not applying records properly.

      Playing as NSW and now two seasons in. My best bowling in an innings is showing 5/2 from Doug Bollinger while best match performance is showing 11/128from Steve Smith.

      As impressive as 5/2 is you can't take 11 wickets in a match without bettering 5/2

      I'm also noticing that runs and wickets scored\taken in internationals are counting towards domestic records, meaning Peter Siddle is now Victoria's record wicket taker for the season with 92 because he took 64 wickets in tests that season.

      Though it's kind of a blessing as otherwise Steve Smith would hold all individual & season records for me since starting the game.

      I've also noticed while checking on how my players are performing at international level, the Australian team has some bazaar (even by Hildich standards) selections.

      Going in with 3 bowlers + Watson, 2 keepers in test cricket, batsmen (mainly Chris Lynn) batting at 8. I'm not sure if he's keeping as there is no identifier in the scorecard.
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        Should of put this in here in the first place instead of in a thread.

        I have noticed players playing multiple games on the same day.

        Some of my players are showing that they played a ODI for me as well as another 2 games on the same day for their state team.

        This had the problem of a lot of my players not being fit for the next ODI in 2 days time (was the start of the series and all had good fitness before the first ODI) not to mention form changing dramatically.


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          Slight bug with the iPad version only, but this seemed the only Bug Reporting thread going so I'll put it here anyway.

          Essentially, the Toss seems to be flawed- guessing heads always "wins" the toss, even though the animation is always coming up tails. Actually guessing tails loses it every time.

          Just me or a known issue?


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            The animation always shows tails but it dosen't affect actual toss. I always choose tails and have won the toss on multiple occaions on the ipod version, so keep trying! it is a 50 50 chance after all so it may just be that it has been heads for a large number of times in a row?


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              When a bowler figures in a match go into 3 figure (e.g 7-263) and its his best bowling performance in a match then it shows in the ' bbi ' as (e.g 7-3) it automatically round it off .. i dont know understand why !


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                Pietersen just got 3 wickets for 0 runs but it didn't show up in his bowling form.


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                  I'm not entirely certain if this is a bug, but it looks like Ben Brown's been out twice in this innings, as there are 2 red dots on the run scoring graph.

                  I have a feeling he may have been caught on a free hit ball, but I'm not sure.


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                    I think you'll find he was involved in a runout where the non-striker was run out.


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                      Originally posted by NSWBlue View Post
                      I think you'll find he was involved in a runout where the non-striker was run out.
                      Ahh, thanks... still not certain whether it's a bug or intentional, though


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                        probably not a bug report, but an observation about difficulty levels.
                        IPad 2011 HD version.

                        I'm running 2 parallel saves, one normal, and one easy, and there really doesn't seem to be any difference between the 2 after about 1 season. Playing as Essex and will probably finish 2nd or 3rd in Division 2 in both.

                        In fact, in my last easy game Glamorgan reached a chanceless 550-0 This has raised my suspicions a little.

                        Also any easy game I start, seems to be eligible for online play, I didn't think this was allowed, maybe worth a check?
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                          slight issue with the bowling records here: it shows Anthony McGrath's bowling figures to have 2 5 wicket hauls in One Day matches when in actual fact his best bowling is only a 4fer


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                            A small one on the iPad version 2011

                            After changing the field
                            for example, from defensive to very defensive, the next over it says very defensive but the field placement is defensive.

                            it corrects once you click through the cycle.

                            And thanks very much for yesterdays iPad update, nice to have the runs on the bowling screen


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                              Thanks for your continued support guys.

                              iPad has been passed on to our iOS devs.

                              Going back couple of pages, there's a 6 wides issue. Think you'll find it was a no-ball and went for 4, thus the 6 runs. In any case, without a game save where we can actually play back that delivery we can't do anything about it.

                              I've noted others.


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                                Is there any reason why, at the beginning of the first season, NSW receives regenerated players whereas Queensland do not?