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2010 update issue

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  • 2010 update issue

    I am unable to install the update patch as it says - update file cannot be found or something like that
    I have the CD version rather than the downloaded version
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I may not be much help as I don't have this version, but I can ask the obvious questions lol.

    What version do you have? I think it tells you in the options menu, or on the window header in windowed mode.

    I ask because it may be possible you already have the latest version.

    Other than this I can't help. If (this doesn't help and) no-one else replies here, maybe re-post through the "Support" button on left of the page.


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      Have version10.15 & when I go onto internet game it downloads new version just wont update


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        If you're on the latest version it wouldn't let you try and update. Temporarily turn off your firewall and then right click on the game shortcut, select Run As Admin and then try updating the game.