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Price of International Cricket Captain 2010

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    boxed version
    i am waiting for it and i think i will get it in early july


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      Purchasing the game

      Hi guys,

      Im wanting to buy the game (2010) and Im in Australia but i just had a quick question. When i buy it off the site can i use an Australian credit card? And secondly, when i buy it am i buying the licence key and i download the game first? Or will a copy be sent to me by mail?

      My last question is, does anyone know whether the hard copy is available in Australia yet? EB games doesn't seem to know a thing about it? Although they never seem to know much at all ...



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        Any credit card can be used, the price will be converted into AU$ and charged to your card.

        You won't receive a hard copy of the game, you are paying for the license key

        I'm in NZ and I haven't seen it in any stores over here, but I don't normally go to EB or JB so I wouldn't really know


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          When I went to EB Games (Mt. Barker, SA) a few months ago they had a few copies on the shelves so they obviously did know something about it then. Buying off the site is fine though and I've never got a hard copy so I don't know if there's any difference.