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Database Errors (after patch 8.14)

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  • Database Errors (after patch 8.14)

    Please post any further database errors you have found after the latest patch (8.14) in here.

    Note that all data should be correct to the start of the 2008 season, not newer changes since then because the game is not changeable in terms of starting dates.

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    problem in patching

    whenever i click on internet game, it patches to 71.6% and then it stops.... i have tried for at least 4 times....
    please help

    thanx in advance,


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      This is for database errors only, not patching problems. Please use this thread instead for queries like that, but I can't really say much on that particular problem. I suggest you email Chris on the form on the main website.


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        Thanx....i will mail him right away

        and sorry for the inconvenience caused....


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          Alright, this may leave the starting Sussex team frightfully short of openers, but I follow them and have seen them many time but Rory Hamilton-Brown is not an opener and neither is Carl Hopkinson. I do not know much about Michael Thornely, but after looking at scorecards on various sites I would suggest that he has certainly never opened in First Class cricket. However, this does sugget the situation which Sussex were and are in, as they generaly used Yardy as a FC and OD opener with Prior opening in OD matches with him. Nash was scarcely used in OD althouhg effective when he was


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            Tyron Henderson of Middlesex should be an all rounder.


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              There's no Shoaib Akhtar. He should be playing IMO since his ban was lifted.


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                What the........

                Look i know that you guys just updated the player profiles in the recent patch update and im incredibly grateful for but i thought it might be worth letting you know that NORTHAMPTONSHIRE's kolpak player Andrew Hall is NOT a wicket keeper batsman in actual fact he's an allrounder.

                I dont expect you guys to make any changes to such a minor detail but maybe in another update?


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                  Database Errors after patch 8 14

                  It looks like the forum is having problems with the database. I havent been able to view a thread for 2 days now. Everytime I open a thread I get a database error.


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                    Mike Hussey is an opening batsmen.
                    Shane Watson is an opening batsmen.
                    Lou Vincent is an opening batsmen.
                    World Serious Cricket


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                      Plese help me about this problem. I have found many time a Database connectivity error while performing my self assesment question or my practical programs. So help me what is the mistake in my s/w or which setting i needed to avoid this thing. please help me.