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    We often get feedback about aggression rating, to clarify these labels, they are very different from a couple of years ago:

    1) These are now automatically assigned based on player data compared against global data.
    2) The aggression labels are just descriptive now. In 2021 and earlier versions a player’s aggression (base SR) was determined by their labelled type. You can have two average aggression players at each end of the "average" scale, but they won't score at the same rate, as that is derived from strike rates.

    Likewise, you could have someone average and someone else aggressive, but there's only a 0.1% difference in SR
    3) We have one aggression level for OD/20 over, which is an aggregate of both, but weighted towards 20 over.

    ​A reminder on bowling speeds in Cricket Captain.

    M > FM > MF > F.​

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    • Nuhayel Sandeed, SLA to SLW.
    • Maruf Mridha, LM to LFM. His skills need a boost too, considering his U19 and List-A debut tournament performances.
    • Sheikh Parvez, (in the game, miswritten as Paevez) is an all-rounder.
    • Iqbal Hossain, RM to RFM.
    • Rohanat Doullah, RM to RMF.
    • Mahfuzur Rahman - his bowling skills need a boost.
    • Ariful Islam could be an all-rounder, considering how much he bowled in the recent DPL. Not convinced yet.
    • Shamim Hossain is an all-rounder, not WK. Removed his keeper status, not an all rounder based on how little he's bowled.
    • Rishad Hossain's overall skill and selection need a boost, as he never gets selected.
    • Tanzim Hasan Sakib needs a bowling and selection boost as well. His ability is more than fair.
    • Abdul Gaffar needs skill and selection reduction, he seems to play regularly for NT after the T20 WC, which is a big stretch.


    M Pathirana needs a selection boost.
    N Thusara needs a selection boost.


    M Amir and Imad Wasim seem to be back in T20Is, which should be reflected in the game too.​
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      Ben Charlesworth from all rounder to part timer. Hasn't bowled at all this season and indeed much at all in his career after a back injury a little while ago when there was talk of moving to a focus on batting.
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        ATG`s.N.D.P. Hettiaratchi & R.A. Wynter, should be reinstated into the ATG`s, they were both in rebel tours to South Africa. Chris Wilkins should be altered from Wicket keeper, to Opener / Allrounder.
        Datta Gaekwad bowling status should be Right Medium not Leg spin, and Dattu Phadkar bowling status amended to RFM not OS.


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          Kosmas Kyeweta should be RF.
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            Antum Naqvi needs to be added to Zimbabwe players as he's been called up for the T20 series against India
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              Sean Williams of Zimbabwe has retired from T20 international but still plays Tests & One day internationals

              He played in 20 Over Int in May. Whilst he's retired from 20 Over Int now, in the game he will need to be free to play so he's available for those May matches.
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                Hi there,

                I have been an active player of Cricket Captain for 4-5 years. I have a number of suggestions and hopeful improvements i’d like to see be implemented.

                First of all, injuries are extremely unrealistic. I’ve played with a team for 15 years for example and seen maybe 1 injury to a key player. Surely there could at least be an option to increase the number of injuries to make it more realistic, and make it so managers have to find replacement players/ develop young guys on the fly like real life. Fast bowlers shouldn’t be able to bowl 40 overs every test and never get hurt.

                Second, if there could be some sort of measure of player fitness or player mindset when making selection would be great. If a player has been playing IPL for example and has come back into international cricket, they are likely rested for a few games but this is never translated in their fitness.

                Third, can we get implementation of the current state of cricket, with marquee players choosing t20 comps over international cricket? It’s annoying to see players available for selection who are not available in real life because they are playing t20 comps.

                Fourth is player retirements. It is unrealistic that every player continues to play for so long. It gets to a point where I have to force players to retire by continuing to not select them even when the game keeps suggesting them into the squad. It would be good to have more accurate age ranges for players to retire.

                I have plenty more ideas of potential additions but i’ll start there. Off the top of my head ipl auctions and central contract control would be cool as well. Any questions let me know. Thanks!


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                  South Africa:

                  Hanu Viljoen and Dian Forrester - Overrated, isn't close to SA sides
                  Edward Moore - Overrated, isn't making SA sides
                  Simon Harmer - Still overrated
                  Tony de Zorzi - Underrated, should be in the SA test team and breaking into ODI squad
                  JJ Smuts - Plays T20i first year?
                  Ryan Rickleton - Underrated, should be making the international sides
                  Garrett Tarr - Shouldn't be making SA side
                  Delano Potgieter - Still seems too good a bowler and not good enough as a batsmen, also shouldn't be in the SA squad
                  Rassie vd Dussent - Shouldn't be in the test or T20i side
                  Neil Brand - Shouldn't be in the international sides, overrated
                  Shamsi - Underrated, should be making the T20i side

                  Steve Stolk and Lhuan-dre Pretorius - Should be very attacking (especially Stolk, see U19 World Cup) and could get a boost, are our most exciting batting prospect (Stolk in particular)
                  Keshav Maharaj - Maybe underrated, is better than Piedt and Harmer and should be first choice spinner in all 3 formats.
                  Donovan Ferreira - Underrated, should be making T20i side after Miller and Klaasen drop off/retire.
                  Janneman Malan - Shouldn't be making test side
                  Matthew Breetzke - underrated, should be breaking into the international sides
                  Duanne Olivier - Overrated, won't be playing test cricket again