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    Originally posted by Sureshot View Post

    Because we've asked you to change your posting style and you've ignored us. Your constant stream of deleted and multiple posts clog up the forum and make it very difficult to read database feedback which hurts the quality of the database that users get.

    Are you going to change your style?
    If you says yes, sorry for everything
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      For Surrey
      Sheridon Gumbs - Never seen him keep, and couldn't find him doing it for the 2nd XI. Think he is just a batsman.
      Tom Curran - I'd argue for him being all-rounder with his recent batting.


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        Burrows was only on a short term contract at the start of last season so should be removed.
        Hinley is no longer part of the squad.

        Tom Clark should be FC opener as he opens when Haines or Orr are missing.
        Harrison Ward should be OD/T20 opener (opened in last year's OD cup).

        James Coles being V.Def seems harsh given his scoring rate so far this year.
        Ali Orr should probably be aggressive (his SR is brought down by some slow scoring in his debut season).


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          Great work on squads!

          Haseeb Hameed aggression should not be very defensive. Understand that's how he's been most of his career but last year clearly changed his game and scored 1200 runs at a strike rate in the 60s. Aggressive in 4 day seems about right.

          Also agree on the point above about James Coles aggression.
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            Joe Leach,s 20 over selection should be nerfed, he is not regular in 20 over in real Life.
            Daryl Mitchell should be a batsman only.
            Liam Livingstone shouldn't be 20 over opener.
            Looks like Sam Billings in not starting FC team, Needs a selection upgrade.
            Rory,s keeper status should be removed.
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              How is M Abbas (Hants) RFM while H Ali (Warw) RMF? I'm pretty sure H Ali has a better pace than him.


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                Originally posted by mmub500 View Post
                How is M Abbas (Hants) RFM while H Ali (Warw) RMF? I'm pretty sure H Ali has a better pace than him.
                In the game RMF is faster than RFM.

                M - > FM -> MF -> F

                From slowest to fastest.


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                  Leics: Rishi Patel having a great season opening, iirc third leading run scorer and has 3 tons
                  Hill (and Budinger for that matter) are only party time keepers, Handscomb has had the gloves thus far in FC.
                  Kimber no longer a part time keeper, more likely to send down a few overs of spin then stand behind the stumps.
                  Again, I don’t believe Ackerman to be an all rounder any more, hasn’t bowled much at all over the last 2 seasons or for Netherlands but I can understand why you would keep him as one
                  Nick Welch in OD and T20 definitely more aggressive then Avg, SR% of 138 in t20 and struck at 158 in t20 last year (75 in 50 over)
                  I may be wrong but is Rehan Ahmed now ECI contracted?