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    Player of the Tournament, Team of the Tournament and Stats, Stats and More Stats
    The tournament was dominated by the bowlers, especially the quicks so it was only fitting that the team with the fiercest pace attack took out the title. Their bowling attack was at its peak when the Caribbean quicks when they defended a meagre total of 94 runs in the final. In the end, there was no doubt they had earned the right to be called ATG Champions.

    Wickets were well-shared around this tournament with a few bowlers taking 30+ wickets and 20 bowlers taking 20+ wickets. Runs on the other hand were much harder to amass. One batsman scored over 650 runs, almost 150 runs more than the second-best, five 50s when no one else scored more than three and was the only one to raise their bat for a century for the entire tournament. Mark Waugh was awarded Player of the Tournament.

    While Mark Waugh stood out as the best batsman of the tournament, he was not the only player to consistently pull off top-shelf performances. From explosive hitting to clutch bowling, the following players were named in the ATG T20 Championship XI:

    ATG T20 Championship XI

    M Waugh - 677 runs @67.70, 5x50s and 1x100, best 129.
    A Stewart (wk) - 333 runs @33.30, 3x50s, best 82
    D Lehmann - 531 runs @53.10, 3x50s, best 69
    F Woolley - 461 runs @38.42, 3x50s, best 80
    Z Abbas - 487 runs @34.79, 2x50s, best 73
    C Harris - 342 runs @31.09, 2x50s, best 93 // 14 wickets @25.43, best 3-0
    A Faulkner - 248 runs @20.67, 1x50, best 52 // 22 wickets @15.09, 2x4WI, best 4-17
    W Akram - 25 wickets @14.68, 2x4WI, best 5-23
    C Ambrose - 36 wickets @9.25, 3x4WI, best 5-7
    J Garner - 33 wickets @10.42, 3x4WI, best 4-24
    E Chatfield - 32 wickets @13.13, 2x4WI, best 5-14

    12th Man - K Dev

    Batting Stats

    Top 10 Run Scorers
    Player Runs Average
    M Waugh 677 67.70
    D Lehmann 531 53.10
    Z Abbas 487 34.79
    F Woolley 461 38.42
    V Richards 417 29.79
    D Bradman 382 47.75
    G Headley 378 23.63
    M Crowe 376 37.60
    S Anwar 356 27.38
    J Wright 354 29.50

    Next 10
    Player Runs Average
    C Harris 342 31.09
    A Stewart 333 33.30
    A Jadeja 330 25.38
    M Azharuddin 316 22.57
    J Miandan 304 25.33
    W Grace 303 25.25
    G Hick 296 21.14
    B Sutcliffe 291 26.45
    B Congdon 280 28.00
    B Lara 278 27.80

    Highest Scores (one entry per batsman)
    Player Highest Score
    M Waugh 129
    C Harris 93
    A Stewart 82
    F Woolley 80
    J Rhodes 80
    G Pollock 74
    Z Abbas 73
    G Headley 73
    W Grace 72
    L Klusener 72

    Most Boundaries
    Player 4s 6s Boundaries
    M Waugh 80 13 93
    D Lehmann 65 11 76
    F Woolley 59 10 69
    Z Abbas 56 12 68
    C Harris 44 12 56
    V Richards 43 12 55
    M Crowe 47 7 54
    J Wright 42 10 52
    S Anwar 46 6 52
    G Headley 41 10 51

    Miscellaneous (min 100 runs)

    Most balls faced: M Waugh (435 balls)
    Most innings: G Headley, M Crowe, K Wessels (16 innings)
    Most not outs: D Bradman (7 not outs)
    Highest average: M Waugh (67.70
    Highest runs per innings: M Waugh (45.13)
    Highest strike rate: Z Abbas (217.41 runs/100)
    Lowest strike rate: M Azharuddin (82.08)
    Most 100s: M Waugh (1x100s)
    Most 50s: M Waugh (5x50s)​

    Bowling Stats

    Top 10 Wicket Takers
    Player Wickets Average
    C Ambrose 36 9.25
    J Garner 33 10.42
    E Chatfield 32 13.13
    F Trueman 26 16.54
    W Akram 25 14.68
    R Hadlee 25 18.76
    L Cairns 25 19.36
    B Willis 23 16.63
    B Bedi 23 17.30
    P Pollock 23 18.48

    Next 10
    Player Wickets Average
    A Donald 23 19.26
    A Faulkner 22 15.06
    M Marshal 22 15.65
    V Mankad 22 17.95
    D Lillee 22 18.45
    T Greig 22 19.18
    W Younis 22 20.41
    S Warne 21 19.14
    K Dev 20 20.10
    A Roberts 20 21.45

    Best Figures (one entry per player)
    Player Best 4 WI
    C Ambrose 5-7 3
    E Chatfield 5-14 2
    P Pollock 5-19 1
    W Akram 5.23 2
    S Warne 5-24 2
    R Hadlee 5-28 2
    A Kumble 4-15 1
    M Marshall 4-15 1
    B Willis 4-16 1
    A Faulkner 4-17 2

    Miscellaneous (min 10 overs)

    Most overs bowled: L Cairns (64.33 overs)
    Most dots: C Ambrose (180 dots)
    Most runs conceded: L Cairns (484 runs)
    Best average: C Ambrose (9.25)
    Best strike rate: E Chatfield (9.34)
    Best economy: C Ambrose (5.33)
    Worst Economy: U Chadana (10.58 runs per over)

    Final Things
    Full stats of the entire tournament can be found over at the ATG T20 Championship Spreadsheet. Every stat for over 100 players and over 60 matches was recorded there.

    The next ATG tournament will be a tournament that includes World Cup Winning XIs. There will be 15 ODI teams that will qualify (including the two WSC International Cup winners and this year's champion). Another option is a domestic-based tournament, though I'm unsure how that would work at the moment. Suggestions welcome.

    And if you have been, thanks for reading.

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  • Wilted
    ATG Championship Final
    West Indies XI: G Greenidge, G Headley, V Richards, B Lara, C Lloyd, G Sobers*, C Walcott+, M Marshall, A Roberts, J Garner, C Ambrose
    New Zealand XI: J Wright, G Turner, A Jones, M Crowe*, C Harris, R Hadlee, B Congdon, I Smith+, L Cairns, E Chatfield, J Saunders

    New Zealand won the toss and elected to bowl.

    West Indies
    In the two games that the West Indies and New Zealand played against each other in the group stage, each of them won one match apiece setting this final up to be one of the best games of the tournament. Hadlee found the edge of Greenidge with the first ball of the tournament but it was just wide of first slip and ran away for 4. The missed chance didn't cause any lasting damage since Chatfield managed to pick up both openers in his first over bowled. The bulk of the West Indies' batting attack, Richards and Lara, also fell cheaply and New Zealand were off to a perfect start after five overs. The West Indies had been terrorising batsmen all tournament and now were at the receiving end of a devastating pace attack. The collapse continued until Walcott and Marshall put on a small resistance, which almost pushed the West Indies over to 100 runs. Chatfield returned to the attack toppled the remaining tail and picked up a 5fa in the process.

    West Indies 94

    New Zealand
    After a shock first innings batting failure, the West Indies would need their best bowling performance of the tournament to pull off a win. Two quick wickets from Garner and tight lines from Roberts kept the West Indies in the mix for a few overs. Once Sobers chipped in with the third wicket of the chase, it was clear the Kiwis would have to fight for their win. Runs were not easy to come and if DLS par was anything to go by, the West Indies were even in front after eight overs. A cool-headed Crowe kept his wicket safe and scored a few vital boundaries to make sure that New Zealand were quickly back in front. They needed 44 runs off the final ten overs. The only problem was being five wickets down and once Crowe was dismissed by Marshall, New Zealand had little left in reserve. Smith hit a few boundaries to bring the chase down to five runs needed in the last over. However, the West Indies were also just one wicket away from victory. Roberts bowled to Smith who went for a quick single but a panicked mixup produced a run out, giving the West Indies a memorable four-run victory.

    West Indies 94
    C Walcott 25, M Marshall 18
    E Chatfield 5-14, C Harris 2-15

    New Zealand 90
    C Ambrose 3-14, J Garner 3-27
    M Crowe 23, I Smith 18

    West Indies won by 4 runs
    E Chatfield was awarded Man of the Match.

    West Indies are ATG T20 Champions!

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  • Wilted
    Semi Final 2: West Indies vs South Africa
    West Indies XI: G Headley, G Greenidge, V Richards, C Lloyd, B Lara, C Walcott+, G Sobers, M Marshall, A Roberts, J Garner, C Ambrose
    South Africa XI: B Mitchell, K Wessels, A Faulkner, G Pollock, J Rhodes*, H Cronje, C Rice, L Klusener, D Richardson+, P Pollock, A Donald

    South Africa won the toss and elected to bowl.

    West Indies
    With Australia out of the tournament, West Indies would feel as if they're one step closer to being ATG champions already. South Africa on the other hand could possibly be spurred on by the upset New Zealand had. Pollock was clearly fired up and took Headley's wicket in the first over. Despite the first-over blunder from the West Indies, Greenidge and Richards scored quickly to put them on track for a large score. Sir Viv notched up a 50 in 31 balls but was eventually run out trying to take a second run on Jonty Rhodes' arm. Faulkner slowed the runs down but Greenidge still managed to make a 50 before being trapped LBW by Pollock. A few big shots from Lara got the West Indies to 175 runs.

    West Indies 3-175

    New Zealand
    South Africa had a similar start to the West Indies, they lost an early wicket and went on to score quick runs afterwards. Unfortunately, Faulkner could not maintain the aggression and was bowled by Garner and Mitchell fell to Roberts in the following over. Roberts picked up two further wickets and suddenly the Proteas were almost out of contention and needed to score 12 runs per over to win the match. By the time the last two overs came around, South Africa needed 40 runs per over and eventually fell 46 runs short of the West Indies' total.

    West Indies 3-175
    V Richards 68, G Greenidge 56
    P Pollock 2-25

    South Africa 8-129
    B Mitchell 30, G Pollock 20
    A Roberts 3-35, J Garner 2-22

    West Indies won by 46 runs
    V Richards was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Semi Final 1: Australia vs New Zealand
    Australia XI: V Trumper, M Waugh, D Lehmann, D Bradman*, M Bevan, K Miller, D Tallon+, R Lindwall, S Warne, D Lillee, J Thomson
    New Zealand XI: J Wright, G Turner, B Congdon, M Crowe*, A Jones, C Harris, R Hadlee, I Smith+, L Cairns, J Saunders, E Chatfield

    Australia won the toss and elected to bat.

    Trumper and Waugh combined to start the first prelimary final with a 15-run over off. The duo's aggressive start was almost undone by Hadless bu Waugh was put down by Wright in the deep but Trumper was soon out LBW to Chatfield. Cairns bowled the dangerous Lehmann. New Zealand's main danger seemed to be Waugh though, who nothced up another half-cemtury off just 26 balls. Bradman didn't shy away from attacking either and the two batsmen put on over 50 runs together before the Don was dismissed by Hadlee. A late flurry of wickets prevented Australia from going on to score big. New Zealand need 160 runs to book a spot in the final.

    Australia 6-159

    New Zealand
    A few boundaries and it seemed like New Zealand were on pace for a win early on. Miller produced a great piece of fielding to run out Turner in the second over. Wright and Crowe got New Zealand back on track with a solid partnership, capped off with a 50 for Wright. Just as it looked as if New Zealand were about to run away with a win, Thomson edged out Wright and bowled Jones in the same over to bring the Aussies back into the thick of it. Crowe kept the run rate up and a few helpful boundaries from Harris and Hadlee got the runs required under a run a ball. With a flick off the hips for 4, Crowe brought up his 50 and sealed an upset victory over the dominant Australian team with an over to spare.

    Australia 6-159
    M Waugh 88 no, D Bradman 31
    E Chatfield 3-23, R Hadlee 2-43

    New Zealand 7-162
    J Wright 58, M Crowe 52 no
    D Lillee 2-21, J Thomson 2-34

    Australia lost to New Zealand by 3 wickets
    J Wright was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Qualifying Final 2: India vs South Africa
    India XI: S Gavaskar, A Jadeja, V Kambli, M Azharuddin, M Kaif, K Dev*, V Mankad, V Yadav+, J Srinath, B Bedi, A Kumble
    South Africa XI: B Mitchell, K Wessels, A Faulkner, G Pollock, L Klusener, J Rhodes, H Cronje, C Rice, D Richardson, P Pollock, A Donald

    South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.

    South Africa
    The opening five overs were a dull affair. Neither batsmen were able to get away and none of the Indian bowlers were able to make any inroads. Instead of bat or ball, it was swift glovework from Yadav that had Wessels out of his crease. One brought two and Mitchell was bowled by Kumble two balls later. Wickets kept coming for Kumble and he ended up with four once his spell was over. South Africa were unable to recover despite an unbeaten 41 from Cronje. South Africa would need to defend 125 runs to make their way to the prelim.

    South Africa 7-125

    The loss of three quick wickets was not what India wanted to see early in the chase. Dev got the run rate under five runs an over but soon departed himself. Kaif and Mankad stopped the wickets from falling and kept on top of the run rate easily enough. The pair set up the last few overs for India to win comfortably. Despite needing four runs an over off the last five, South Africa's bowlers took a couple of handy wickets and made scoring difficult. Somehow India needed 13 runs off Rice's final over, which wasn't likely given that Rice had figures of 1-4 off three overs. Rice went for four runs and took a wicket in the final over, leading the South Africans to a narrow win and a spot in the preliminary final against the West Indies.

    South Africa 7-125
    H Cronje 41 no, K Wessels 28
    A Kumble 7-125, B Bedi 1-23

    India 8-117
    V Mankad 33 no, M Kaif 25
    P Pollock 3-36, C Rice 2-8

    India lost to South Africa by 8 runs
    A Kumble was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Qualifying Final 1: New Zealand vs England
    B Sutcliffe, J Wright, A Jones, M Crowe*, B Congdon, C Harris, R Hadlee, I Smith+, L Cairns, J Saunders, E Chatfield
    A Stewart+, W Grace, F Woolley, C Milburn, D Gower, G Hick, I Botham, T Greig*, F Trueman, B Willis, D Underwood

    England won the toss and elected to bowl.

    New Zealand
    The first over of the finals series saw 15 runs scored from it. Sutcliffe was responsible for 14 of them including a huge six back over Botham's head. His rampage continued at both ends but he was unfortunately bowled by Willis for 46 in the fifth over. Four wickets for not very many runs fell as rain clouds built up and play was briefly called off without the loss of any overs. The minor delay paused New Zealand's momentum and brought the English back into the games. Except for a brief partnership between Hadlee and Smith, the English bowlers dominated the post-rain portion of the innings. They managed to bowl New Zealand out for 134 runs.

    New Zealand 134 runs.

    The wickets continued to fall at the start of England's innings with Chatfield dismissing both openers in his first over. A few overs later he did it again, taking two wickets in an over bringing his final tally to four wickets for the match. Despite the wickets falling at regular intervals, England were still well and truly on top of the run rate and with Botham at the crease, victory was still an option for both teams. A spell that included 14 dot balls from Harris put the pressure on England's two allrounders, Botham and Greig. The two English batsmen held their nerve and reached the final over with 21 runs needed. Cairns' last over went for 10 runs meaning he bowled his team into the prelimary final.

    New Zealand 134 runs
    B Sutcliffe 46, R Hadlee 23
    W Grace 2-1, F Trueman 2-36

    England 6-124
    I Botham 34 no, T Greig 33 no
    E Chatfield 4-22, J Saunders 2-29

    New Zealand won by 10 runs
    E Chatfield was awarded Man of the Match.​

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    Round 14 Results
    Round 14
    PAK defeated SL
    NZ lost to ENG
    IND defeated SA
    AUS defeated WI

    Current Standings
    Ladder Played Wins N/R NRR Total
    Australia 14 12 1.47 24
    West Indies 14 9 1.00 18
    India 14 8 2 0.24 18
    New Zealand 14 7 1 0.24 15
    England 14 7 0.33 14
    South Africa 14 6 1 -0.03 13
    Pakistan 14 4 -0.64 8
    Sri Lanka 14 1 -2.37 2
    ​Top 6 teams will progress to the finals.

    Tournament Stat Leaders
    Player Runs Bowler Wickets
    M Waugh 589 C Ambrose 32
    D Lehmann 524 J Garner 28
    Z Abbas 487 W Akram 25
    F Woolley 434 F Trueman 24
    G Headley 364 R Hadlee 23

    Some bonus stats for the final round
    Player Bat Ave Player High Score Player Boundaries (6s)
    M Waugh 58.90 M Waugh 129 M Waugh 81 (10)
    D Lehmann 58.22 C Harris 93 D Lehmann 75 (11)
    D Bradman 50.14 A Stewart 82 Z Abbas 68 (12)
    C Lloyd 45.75 J Rhodes 80 F Woolley 66 (9)
    M Bevan 41.00 F Woolley 80 S Anwar 52 (6)

    Bowling (min 10 wickets)
    Player Bowl Ave Player Best figures Player Economy
    C Ambrose 9.81 C Ambrose 5-7 C Ambrose 5.76
    J Garner 10.54 P Pollock 5-19 T Samaraweera 5.80
    A Faulkner 12.57 W Akram 5-23 J Garner 6.02
    C Rice 13.50 S Warne 5-24 A Faulkner 6.07
    W Akram 14.68 R Hadlee 5-28 R Lindwall 6.34
    Finals fixture
    QF1 NZ vs ENG
    QF2 IND vs SA
    SF1 AUS vs QF1
    SF2 WI vs QF2
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​The teams placed higher in the group stage have earned a home-ground advantage.
    Winners of SF1 and SF2 will play in the ATG Championship Final

    On to the finals!
    The final round of the group stage certainly set the pace for the finals. Both of the qualifying finals will be rematches of the final round and if things fall in favour of the favourites, the Championship final could be a final round rematch too. New Zealand and England had one win each against each other but with the recent win behind them, England are favourites to go ahead. On the other hand, over two matches almost nothing separated India and New Zealand with a tie and one wicket win going to India. Despite how close their results are, India has proven themselves to be one of the top contenders in the tournament and is likely to progress. Australia, clearly the best batting team this tournament, and West Indies, clearly the best bowling team, await to see who will face them in the semi-finals.

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  • Wilted
    Game 56: Australia vs West Indies
    Australia XI: V Trumper, M Waugh, D Lehmann, D Bradman*, M Bevan, K Miller, D Tallon+, R Lindwall, S Warne, D Lillee, J Thomson
    West Indies XI: G Greenidge, G Headley, V Richards, B Lara, C Walcott+, G Sobers*, C Lloyd, M Marshall, A Roberts, J Garner, C Ambrose

    Australia won the toss and elected to bat first.

    Despite the fixtures being randomly generated months ago, even before the tournament started, the top two teams met each other in the final match of the group stage. Australia have already cemented first place in the group round and it would take an astonishing result for the West Indies to drop down so there is a very good chance that this match is simply a warm-up of what could be the Grand Final. Roberts was the first quick bowler to take a wicket, dismissing the tournament's leading run-scorer, Waugh, for just one run. In just a couple of overs, Trumper had already raced into the 30s but was caught in the deep off the bowling of Garner. Lehmann also fell somewhat cheaply for 17 and Bradman was run out for 10 off 18 balls. West Indies were well on top. Bevan and Miller got Australia back on track. Lindwall out to the crease for the first time in the tournament even though he had played every match but soon departed. Bevan continued to hold Australia's innings together with a 50 and with a final-ball 6, he got Australia to 168.

    Australia 8-168

    West Indies
    A first-over wicket to Lillee got the Aussies off to a promising start and he repeated the same feat in his second over. Lara was able to get some much-needed fast runs but his teammates were soaking up dot balls before being dismissed cheaply. The required run rate was already above 10 runs an over. Australia kept their noses ahead thanks to Warne spinning some magic to pick up the big wickets of Richards and Walcott. Then it was all but over when Lindwall bowled Lara. Ultimately, the West Indies survived the 20 overs...just but fell 40 runs short of their target.

    Australia 8-168
    M Bevan 60 no, V Trumper 35
    A Roberts 2-33, M Marshall 1-28

    West Indies 9-127
    B Lara 37, C Walcott 26
    S Warne 3-33, D Lillee 2-20

    Australia won by 41 runs
    M Bevan was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Game 55: India vs South Africa
    India XI: S Gavaskar, A Jadeja, V Kambli, M Azharuddin, M Kaif, K Dev*, V Mankad, V Yadav+, J Srinath, B Bedi, A Kumble
    South Africa XI: B Mitchell, K Wessels, J Rhodes, G Pollock, L Klusener, A Faulkner, H Cronje, C Rice, D Richardson+, P Pollock, A Donald

    South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.

    South Africa
    With India playing for a chance to snag a top 2 spot and South Africa vying for a home qualifying final, both teams were putting in their best effort for their final match of the group stage. Dev drew first blood with the wicket of Mitchell in the first over but big hitting from Wessels nullified any damage. Rhodes and Pollock fell soon after each other as India looked to take hold of the match. Wesslels made a 50 but was also the only batsman in the top six to even get past 10 runs. Bedi in particular was damaging, taking two wickets in his first over. A 50-run partnership between Wessels and Cronje salvaged a decent total for South Africa but Srinath and Mankad took five wickets in the final two overs to bowl South Africa out for 136 runs.

    South Africa 136

    The South African opening bowlers bowled well for little reward. Donald beat the edge more times than batsmen could even hit but the couple of times the batsmen did make contact, it was a streaky edge to the boundary. A change of pace from Faulkner gave South Africa a much-needed wicket and a wicket maiden from Pollock gave South Africa confidence they could pull off a comeback. It wasn't long before India found themselves five wickets down and needing almost 10 runs per over it seemed like South Africa would actually win this match. Rice took three wickets in an over but Yadav was pushing the result as far as he could go until the Indians needed 27 runs from three overs. Yadav hit Rice for 15 runs off one over to bring it down to 12 runs from 12 balls but Donald only managed to leak a single the next over. Yadav and Bedi would need 11 runs from the final over to win. G Pollock put Yadav down with the second ball but took a clean catch two balls later. India's last two batsmen would need five runs off two balls to win. Kumble hit his first ball for 4 to tie things up and edged the final ball just out of reach for the slip to take a catch allowing India to come home with a victory.

    South Africa 136
    K Wessles 71, H Cronje 34
    V Mankad 3-21, K Dev 22

    India 9-140
    V Yadav 39, A Jadeja 29
    C Rice 4-41, L Klusener 3-41

    India won by one wicket
    V Mankad was awaded Man of the Match.

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    Game 64: New Zealand vs England
    New Zealand XI: J Wright, B Sutcliffe, B Congdon, C Harris, M Crowe*, A Jones, R Hadlee, I Smith+, L Cairns, E Chatfield, J Saunders
    England XI: A Stewart+, W Grace, F Woolley, C Milburn, G Hick, D Gower, I Botham, T Greig*, F Trueman, B Willis, D Underwood

    England won the toss and elected to bowl.

    New Zealand
    Both of the New Zealand openers found the boundary in the first over, giving the Kiwis an aggressive start. Botham fought back in the second over, getting Wright caught in the slips. Trueman followed up with the wicket of Sutcliffe, but the opener hit two 6s in a row. The English bowlers made it difficult for the New Zealand batsmen to settle so the run rate began to drop and wickets soon began to fall. Crowe put on an unbeaten rearguard attack but tight bowling from the English captain, Greig, kept New Zealand to 139 runs.

    New Zealand 7-139

    The English openers were quickly dismissed by the unusual opening bowling combination of Hadlee and Saunders. The poor start for the English was soon remedied by quick boundaries from Woolley and Milburn. A couple more quick wickets fell but Woolley seemed unstoppable and ensured that England would remain in front for the majority of the match. When Gower joined him at the crease and began to strike aggressively straight away, it was all but over for the Kiwis. Soon after reaching a half-century, Woolley hit the final runs needed to give England a much-needed confidence boost going into the finals.

    New Zealand 7-139
    M Crowe 43 no, B Congdon 40
    T Greig 2-22, F Trueman 2-24

    England 4-143
    F Woolley 61 no, C Milburn 27
    L Cairns 2-25, J Saunders 1-24

    New Zealand lost by 6 wickets
    F Woolley was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Game 53: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
    Pakistan XI: S Anwar, A Sohail, Z Abbas, J Miandad, S Elahi, I Khan*, W Raja, M Khan+, W Akram, W Younis, I Qasim
    Sri Lanka XI: S Jayantha, R Kaluwitharana+, T Samaraweera, A de Silva*, D Mendis, R Silva, A Ranatunga, U Chandana, K Dharmasena, R Ratnayeke, P Wickramasinghe

    Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat.

    The first match of the final round of the tournament was essentially a dead rubber between the bottom two teams. Not even the bottom spot was up for grabs with Pakistan two wins clear of Sri Lanka. With nothing to win or lose, Sohail began the match with some massive hitting. In just ten deliveries he had scored 32 runs, including four 4s and two 6s. He fell just short of 50, undone by Chandana. At the 10-over mark, Pakistan were 2-113 and headed towards a huge score. Miandad continued where Sohail left off and went on to make his 50 in 26 balls. A few late wickets for Sri Lanka halted Pakistan's rampage but the team in green still managed to set a target of 203 for the Sri Lankans to chase.

    Pakistan 7-202

    Sri Lanka
    An edged full toss outside off stump somehow defied physics to reach the keeper on the full to give Akram a wicket with the first ball of the innings. A second wicket in his second over showed that perhaps Pakistan waited until it was too late to show their full potential in the tournament. Akram was in devastating touch and had picked up five wickets in his spell. The rest of the Pakistani bowlers chipped in to make it difficult for the batsman. In the end, they prevailed quite easily.

    Pakistan 7-202
    J Miandad 64, A Sohail 48
    K Dharmasena 2-38, R Ratnayeke 2-49

    Sri Lanka 139
    D Mendis 33, K Dharmasena 29
    W Akram 5-23, I Khan 2-37

    Pakistan won by 63 runs
    W Akram was awarded Man of the Match.

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    Round 13 Results
    Round 13
    SL lost to AUS
    WI defeated IND
    ENG lost to SA
    NZ defeated PAK

    Current Standings
    Ladder Played Wins N/R NRR Total
    Australia 13 11 1.42 22
    West Indies 13 9 1.25 18
    India 13 7 2 0.25 16
    New Zealand 13 7 1 0.33 15
    South Africa 13 6 1 -0.02 23
    England 13 6 -0.11 12
    Pakistan 13 3 -0.99 6
    Sri Lanka 13 1 -2.30 2
    ​Top 6 teams will progress to the finals.

    Tournament Stat Leaders
    Player Runs Bowler Wickets
    M Waugh 588 C Ambrose 31
    D Lehmann 507 J Garner 27
    Z Abbas 404 R Hadlee 22
    G Headley 364 A Donald 22
    F Woolley 353 F Trueman 22

    Round 14 Fixture
    Round 14
    PAK vs SL
    NZ vs ENG
    IND vs SA
    AUS vs WI
    Final Round
    The top six teams have been confirmed for a while as the final round approaches. Unfortunately, Pakistan and Sri Lanka's tournaments are over and will finish seventh and eighth respectively. The two teams even play each other in the final round. Australia have dominated the Super 8 stage and will finish clear on top. The second spot will go to either the West Indies or India. With West Indies taking on Australia in an away match and India going against South Africa at home, it will likely come down to net run rate. As for the other three teams, New Zealand, South Africa and England, they will play in the semi-finals with their opponents decided depending on the results of the final round.

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  • Wilted
    Game 52: New Zealand vs Pakistan
    New Zealand XI: B Sutcliffe, J Wright, B Congdon, C Harris, M Crowe*, A Jones, R Hadlee, I Smith+, L Cairns, E Chatfield, J Saunders
    Pakistan XI: S Anwar, A Sohail, Z Abbas, Miandad, W Raja, I Khan*, S Elahi, M Khan+, W Akram, A Qadir, W Younis

    Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl.

    New Zealand
    Aside from Sutcliffe being bowled by Akram in the first over, New Zealand got off to a solid start. Boundaries were difficult to come across for the Kiwis but they made up for it with risky running between wickets. The run rate was halted with the wickets of Wright and Harris to the Pakistani quicks. Crowe kept New Zealand's innings afloat but a double-wicket maiden from Qadir put New Zealand in a tricky position for the last few overs. A few boundaries in the final over got Crowe to 50 and helped New Zealand to 153 runs. Unfortunately, the New Zealand captain was run out on the last ball of the innings.

    New Zealand 9-153

    With their season all but over, Pakistan only had pride to play for. Unfortunately, they got off to the worst start possible. Both openers were out in the opening overs and they were four wickets down after four overs. At one point, it looked as if Pakistan would struggle to reach 50 runs in total with how the New Zealanders were taking constant wickets. Each bowler took at least one wicket and Chatfield took the final one to have Pakistan all out for 69 runs.

    New Zealand 9-153
    M Crowe 52, B Congdon 36
    W Akram 2-23, W Younis 2-33

    Pakistan 69
    S Elahi 15, J Miandad 13
    R Hadlee 3-20, C Harris 2-10

    New Zealand won by 84 runs
    M Crowe was awarded Man of the Match.

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  • Wilted
    Game 51: Englan vs South Africa
    England XI: A Stewart+, W Grace, F Woolley, C Milburn, G Hick, D Gower, I Botham, T Greig*, H Larwood, F Trueman, B Willis
    South Africa XI: K Wessels, B Mitchell, H Cronje, G Pollock, L Klusener, A Faulkner, J Rhodes*, C Rice, D Richardson+, P Pollock, A Donald

    South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.

    South Africa
    Wessels edged the first ball just past the fingertips of first slip for four. Unfortunately, his lucky start didn't last long and he was out LBW to Trueman the next over. Mitchell fell in the same over to the same type of delivery leaving South Africa a couple of wickets down early in the innings. A few shots from Cronje kept the run rate aloft with some help from G Pollock. Cronje was eventually caught out but Pollock was able to ride his luck and reach 50. Klusener began the final over of the match on 44 and walked off the field unbeaten on 72 after a massive 28-run over that allowed South Africa to reach a total of 187 runs.

    South Africa 3-187

    The English batsman looked to begin aggressively before the match got out of hand but a few wickets in the powerplay meant they were behind for the rest of the match. Most of the English batsmen were able to make starts but none of them made it into the 30s before falling to one of the South African quicks. Rice led the South African charge with four wickets and helped bowl England out with an over and 34 runs to spare.

    South Africa 3-187
    G Pollock 74 no, L Klusener 72 no
    F Trueman 2-23, T Greig 1-37

    England 153
    I Botham 27, D Gower 23
    C Rice 4-27, A Donald 2-28

    England lost by 34 runs
    L Klusener was awarded Man of the Match

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  • Wilted
    Game 50: West Indies vs India
    West Indies XI: G Greenidge, G Headley, V Richards, C Lloyd, B Lara, G Sobers*, C Walcott+, M Marshall, A Roberts, J Garner, C Ambrose
    India XI: S Gavaskar, A Jadeja, V Kambli, M Azharuddin, M Kaif, V Mankad, K Dev*, V Yadav+, J Srinath, B Bedi, A Kumble

    West Indies won the toss and elected to bat first.

    West Indies
    Bedi opened the bowling with mixed results. His first over went for 13 runs but he picked up a wicket in his second. In the next over, Dev bowled Richards for a duck, giving India a good start in the goal to continue their unbeaten streak. Dev picked up a couple more wickets before finishing up his four overs. The West Indies managed to fight back thanks to Sobers who defended well against the quicks and took his opportunities against the spinners but just fell short of 50. Lara was also no slouch in breathing life back into the West Indies but it was Walcott who lifted things to another level by scoring 29 runs in the final overs. West Indies managed to post a total of 141 runs.

    West Indies 7-141

    Batting for India proved to be as difficult as it has been for every team who came up against the West Indian pace cartel. At the end of the powerplay, India were reduced to 4-18. In the end, it was the dot balls that were India's undoing. The quicks produced over 50 dot balls in the 13 overs India was in the middle. India's undefeated streak came crashing down to the most feared pace attack in the tournament.

    West Indies 7-141
    G Sobers 49, B Lara 36
    K Dev 3-24, V Mankad 2-33

    India 54
    A Jadeja 14, V Mankad 14
    C Ambrose 4-21, M Marshall 2-1

    West Indies won by 87 runs
    C Ambrose was awarded Man of the Match.

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