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Netherlands in the World Cup (t20)

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  • Netherlands in the World Cup (t20)

    Hi there,

    So the Netherlands are improving their cricket quite a bit lately. They have qualified for the group stage of the t20 World Cup and the 50 over World Cup.
    however Its not possible to play as them in both tournaments in the game. Not even the qualifier for the t20 wc like it used to be in previous versions
    I would be extremely happy to play these tournaments with the Dutch, is it possible to change that?

    kind regards,

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    You may as well just edit the West Indies team name and players' names at this point.

    But yes, I agree that more teams should be available in tournament modes and World Cups, etc. should have more options.


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      The top tier of associates or even just Scotland and Netherlands as a starter should be playable by now.


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        Often, game updates are influenced by community feedback. Similarly, fans of al jeel al entesar often share their input to enhance the representation and features in sports simulations, showing how effective community responses can be.
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