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    Hi guys. Since the English season has started I have got stuck in to cricket captain again and have come up with a few ideas.

    My first idea is a ‘manager’ page that keeps track of your total stats. I imagine it could look like the team performance pages but track your performance if you move teams. Since I’ve started playing the game again I have set myself the challenge of winning all the domestic competitions in all the countries, however when you leave a team you can’t see how you’ve done in previous seasons. I would also quite like a trophy cabinet sort of page.

    My second idea is one that I’ve had for many years. I would really like the opportunity to captain a women’s side on the game. To start off with you could just have it available in the hundred, as it has a smaller database than the domestic games. This might just be me but I don’t think the graphics would need to much changing. I think the only change would be to have long hair on the players as there already isn’t much difference between the graphics of the men’s players as far as I can see. But that might just be me.

    Another idea I have for the game is to have academies. This would be a bigger change for the database but it only requires more regen players. That way you can promote youth players that suit your team. Something I find when captaining the smaller English domestic teams during the hundred is that it can be hard to balance the side. Having an academy would help in this instance if you are in need of a spin bowler or an opening batter for example.

    finally, I think it would be helpful to be able to sign free agents or overseas players during the season to cover injured, out of form or players away on international duty.

    what do you guys think?

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    Without trying to be too critical - why on Earth would one of your priorities for a new feature be to add women's players? If you really wanted, just rename the players yourself to female names. I just can't see how that would add anything to the game at all.


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      I like your first idea, albeit it’s far too late now to be included? But you could record these stats as you progress. I use a notepad which is always with me.

      I’m with powercord84 with the womens game. There’s another hundred things the game needs before we get to womens teams. No I ain’t sexist, all the players can see what the game needs and we’d all rather see those improvements/additions before womens teams are added.


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        The multi-format series such as the Ashes would be the biggest addition with a women's tournament mode. Not sure why anyone is against the idea of women's international cricket being included though, especially since it hits a bigger audience of some of the smaller domestic comps. The biggest hurdle would be the animation/graphic side of things so that would of course have to come first and smaller improvements will always happen regardless. But as far as major additions go, it would be at the top of my wish list and is something that's mentioned in most 'future version' threads.

        Career achievements would be great, especially if switching teams becomes a lot more flexible such as having more teams to choose from each season (or picking what country you want offers from). Having incentive or a setting/difficulty that makes maintaining a position more difficult and being dropped becomes a a feasible outcome, being relegated to T20 matches only or less successful teams. It'd give players who cruise through career mode after build a strong squad over a few years. A trophy/manager record page becomes a lot more relevant when your career has spanned multiple teams.

        Academies to scout/develop specific roles would be another great addition and could expand the budget feature, spend a bit money for an all rounder, a decent amount for a spinning all rounder, spend even more for an aggressive, left arm wrist spinner, all rounder.

        And yes, expanding international signings for available comps would add a bit more player choice. Maybe you could start with a small selection and players you search have a higher value.

        Great ideas, Cricketfan66
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          I would like to see the ability to create multi team series. Not just 1 vs 1 all the time!


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            How about using the historical fixtures from previous World Cups with the ability to select from the ATG lists?


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              Originally posted by Trevfromsussex&Oz View Post
              How about using the historical fixtures from previous World Cups with the ability to select from the ATG lists?
              World class Brilliance!!!!!