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Some suggestions for cc2022 if possible

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  • Some suggestions for cc2022 if possible

    Hi admin I've been following this game and its the best...but i have some suggestions
    can we customize our own tournament like we can decide the number of overs how many rounds and all we can set up matches of 70,80,100 overs and with 15 players a team....and we can decide players of all team
    its just my opinion otherwise game is superb
    And if possible add women's cricket too and under 19
    asia cup and many more tournaments
    thanks admin once again and please atleast give me reply.

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    And one other thing can we all users of cricket captain make a telegram group to its so effectively useful for beginners to learn about the game


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      Was looking for a thread like this.

      Sureshot I was wondering if the World Cup Super League would be in the 2022 edition, because i believe it is set to be scrapped by the ICC in real-life after this edition. However personally I believe, we should keep the league in-game, it really made things more interesting and unique, and added to the enjoyment of the game.


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        Really like the idea of being able to edit and create tournaments in a domestic structure for the team you are handling (To have an option if you want that responsibility), I was thinking of adding suggestion but then saw the thread. Would definitely add more to an already great management sim and I think would be a suitable next step. This will allow us more flexibility and more responsibility of establishing the cricketing structure (Atleast from the from the front end perspective).