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    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to the forum. I've owned Cricket Captain 2018 for some time now, but only recently started spending some more time on the game. I'm fairly new to cricket so It's been a learning course. I have a few small questions.

    When you buy a new version of the game can you load your savegame into the new game or do you have to start over? Been thinking about upgrading to 2021, but with 2022 around the corner I don't know if its better to wait. Is 2021 a much improved game in regards to the 2018 iteration?

    And a last question. I'm only playing as an international side. How do you guys see if a young player is ready for his first test-cap?



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    You cannot import old saves. Just for the sake of it, I actually tried loading an old save but it just comes up as corrupted.

    Each version of CC has minor tweaks, additions and improvements but 21's biggest improvements were balance related so you might notice that as the biggest difference. Other things that have been added since 2018 are Test/ODI Championships, The 100, super overs in ties, rain delays and DLS, extra stats like fastest 50/100 and dot balls in T20s, and of course updated player database and statistics.

    Personally I'd wait at least until 22 is announced along with new features (which should be soon since it looks like the main site has updated to Cricket Captain 2022) and see if the extra additions there are worth the extra wait.

    As for youth players, the game suggest 15 FC games should be enough experience to be picked for internationals. Sometimes players will be added to the squad by default at the start of a new season, which is a sign they have aptitude for international selection. Usually I just trial and error with the top performing players from the domestic comp. Give them a few matches and if they don't perform in any innings, choose a new player to trial.
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      I played the hell out of the 18 version, it was a particular favourite of mine.

      Just on a sub note regarding which version to buy next, I’d definitely wait for 22. It’s just round the corner so will be more current/relevant. Also please note, (might not bother you if you’re only interested in playing international and not using English teams)? but the 2 division structure has now returned to English First Class cricket for 22.
      The 21 version features a ‘makeshift’ 3 division English structure which was temporarily created due to the COVID pandemic.
      So in retrospect the 21 version is now already obsolete.
      I’ve personally not really enjoyed the 21 3 division structure either and jumped back on 20! hope that helps and welcome to the forum.


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        Thanks for the advice! Will wait for the 2022 edition. Great point you mentoined about the county system. Haven't started a game yet because of my previous question. If im about to upgrade to 2022 I don't want to invest the time in a long 2018 career.

        Looking forward to the 2022 release announcement.