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Struggling to set fields for spinners in od/t20

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  • Struggling to set fields for spinners in od/t20

    has anyone got anu suggestions on how to create better fields in white ball cricket for spinners thanks

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    My 'core' field for spinners is a deep cover and midwicket with a ring field. From that, I tweak the field depending on the batsman's strengths such as a strong front foot + off side batsman would have a deep mid off or strong back and leg would have a deep square leg. I always target the stumps with spinners as I find they get more LBWs and bowled dismissals than catches but doing so tends to make my spinners slightly more expensive. Also, I'll only ever pick a spinner if there's wear on the pitch since pace bowling seems more suited to the short form.


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      Spinners do really well in the shorter formats - more so in t20, a LS is almost a must in the XI. If you can throw in 2 genuine spinners (OS/LS) and 3 pacers - that is a very good bowling attack.