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    Originally posted by Wilted View Post

    With two not outs, it works to 28.36.

    A university match bumps the total up to 13 games (if they count). I've had stats do funny things for overseas comps before, has that player played overseas comps in that year but from a comp that may have a clashing date?.
    There is no university matches in cc 2021.
    im just leading an international team not England and I saw this England player stats.


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      Like all international matches in lastest score's how about all domistic matches scores from every country?
      at least 3 days gape between test matches during series, 2 days gape is unrealistic.

      ??????Venues names to matches schedule can be nice.

      ??????Make test venues random in Caribbean between Barbados, Trinidad, Antigua, Jamaica,


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        This thread should be titled 'dreams'.

        Because you're dreaming if you think the devs have any intention to actually improve this game.

        FYI thousands of these posts have been made for previous editions of ICC and roughly 0 of them have ever been implemented.


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          Previous west indies super 50 was scheduled in Antigua only and it should be like that in cc 2022.

          PSL schedule and Venues should be like real PSL 2022.

          BPL schedule and Venues should be like real BPL 2022.

          IPL Venues Should be home and away even if real schedule is not like that, day matches Should be also added.

          Don't add MSL t20 to cc 2022.
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            I know Tournaments isn't the most popular mode but it could use an expansion.
            • The ability to play World Cup-style tournaments with ATG players. You could then easily recreate classic World Cup tournaments or go with a more typical greatest XI tournament.
            • A custom World Cup-style tournament with Test matches.
            • State/county/province/etc available to create a custom tournament. Either create series between two teams such as Yorkshire and Victoria or populate a World Cup tournament with a selection of national teams.
            • Custom scenarios. Mentioned this earlier but it could also include mid-match scenarios such as defend a low total or recreate a famous innings such as Stokes at Headingley. Could be interesting to see custom scenarios shareable too.
            • Might as well mention Women's tournaments again, particularly WC and Ashes.
            Edit rather than making a one-liner post:
            • Having first innings bonus points shown on the scorecard mid-match. Not that it often matters much but it comes into play for at least the Sheffield Shield final and could make the difference between going for an aggressive win or a defensive draw. Today's Shield final was a scenario where the bonus point system dictated how teams played. A target score similar to D/L could also be handy.
            Edit 2
            • Save highlight settings, especially the camera angle.
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