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Very high FC/Test scores?

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  • Very high FC/Test scores?

    I've not bought a game in this series since 2016, but just tried the demo. I played as Vic, NSW and Australia (normal difficulty, FC matches only).

    There were numerous instances of scores of 500 and even 600, both for and against. I got 786 in the 5th Ashes test, and an opening partnership with NSW of 409 (with a double-century to Matthew Foster in his third career game) - both all-time records.

    I appreciate that sometimes there are high-scoring series (the 2017/18 Ashes series for instance had some high scores, albeit only by one team), and that this is a small sample size, but this happened with each team. It's particularly troubling to break two all-time batting records in so few games.

    Am I just incredibly unlucky in the sample I’ve played, or is there a deeper issue here? I know FC scores for Australian teams were very high in CC2016, but I thought that would have been smoothed out in five years.

    Edit: some data
    For: 80/3431 (42.8); Against 85/3527 (41.5)

    For: 95/3576 (37.6); Against 85/3940 (46.3).

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    I've done some extensive research on this. Generally if you play aggressively, high scoring games are the norm as the AI also tends to follow suit in the same vein. Try and keep the aggression bar on 2 for FC games, you'll see more realistic gameplay.