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Cricket Captain 2021/Steam - Windows 11

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  • Cricket Captain 2021/Steam - Windows 11

    I've just set to upgrade to Windows 11 on my laptop. Logic would say that Steam and all the games on the platform should work on Windows 11 too (like on Windows 10). Do I need to worry about it not working/having issues? Can't afford to lose out on data-having played over 500 games in the 2021 version.

    Pls share deets Sureshot Thanks!

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    You will want to back up all saved data before doing that. Saves and fields are here:

    Press Windows key and R on your keyboard, in the run dialog copy this and hit enter:
    %AppData%\Childish Things\Cricket Captain 2021\
    If you can't see this folder you may need to enable hidden folders.

    We've not tested CC21 on Windows 11, I don't see any issues happening and we've not had any reports of issues.


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      All is well Sureshot My OS has been upgraded to Windows 11 and everything has remained the same. Thanks for the help