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Why Why are there no left handed regens?

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  • Why Why are there no left handed regens?

    I'm now into 2027 on my Surrey team and there are virtually no decent left handed batsmen.

    Looking at the averages for all the big nations...

    Pakistan have 2 in the top screen of FC averages.
    NZ have 1
    Bangladesh have 1
    Zimbabwe 1
    South Africa 2
    Sri Lanka 2
    Afghanistan 2
    England, India, Ireland and Australia have none

    On my Lancashire save: Unicron online. This is in 2035

    England have 2 (one has only played 4 FC games)
    India 1
    NZ 3
    South Africa 1
    Sri Lanka 1
    West Indies 3
    Afghanistan 4
    Australia 2
    South Africa, Pakistan, Ireland all have none at all.

    This seems very low to me. Sureshot why are there so few regen left handed batsmen? It virtually never happens.
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