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Graphic improvement should be the priority now

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  • Graphic improvement should be the priority now

    Honestly I am tired of the lego faced graphics. And I am sure most players feel the same way. Gameplay has improved a lot over the years bit now I feel graphic side of things should be the priority. It will attract a lot more new people as well.
    Even android games have brilliant graphics these days. Was playing real cricket the other day. It has such brilliant graphics. Even the DRS system is very good. Would love if "our" cc can have graphics like that. Thoughts Chris Child Sureshot

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    I don't think the graphics play a great part in the game. Sure they could be better but I don't believe it would increase the enjoyment of the game. I'd rather see more game play and strategy items added before graphics. Some things like being able to vary pace of bowling as that's a massive thing in cricket now. DRS as well, although that's mainly an international thing.

    I think more on the batting front would be nice although options are limited. Attack a certain side of the wicket, bat on different guards?


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      Originally posted by amacca1234 View Post
      I think more on the batting front would be nice although options are limited. Attack a certain side of the wicket, bat on different guards?
      So many bowling options with bowlers with line, approach, length, aggression and custom fields. Batting tactics only have aggression and hogging strike. I'd love to see alternate tactics like 'running aggression', attacking certain deliveries (such as aggressive hooks when fine leg is up) not to mention fixing low aggression so when I'm trying to bat out a draw batsmen actually leave the ball instead of having a 100+ SR.

      I'm not too fussed about the graphics and only use them to break up the monotony of the scorecard but some new animations would be nice. Would love to see reverse sweeps. Some more real-life grounds would make international matches more authentic. According to the CC21's credits, only five people from Childish Things worked on the game, none of whom worked on the graphics engine from what I can tell. It seems the graphics were done by third parties, Ticktock Games and Gomobli, who haven't seemed to have worked on the CC series since 2018 and 2015 respectively according to their sites. I imagine getting them in would be a big cost. Of course I could very well be wrong.

      We'd all love for CC to have FM style graphics but I don't think it's a chance. adil Could you post some examples of the games you're referring to and how long the loading times for them are? It'd be interesting to see.


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        Not fussed about the graphics. Would like to see the development of real life young players vs regens fixed and perhaps more coaching and contract options.


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          Don’t think I’d have graphics on my priority list over game play. Personally I’d focus on fielding options which have been the same with the game since existence. I’d actually like to be able to chose from a huge range of fields and not have the option to manually create fields. That may sound controversial but from what I’ve seen online you can make totally unrealistic fields work very well, for example every player in the offside or someone directly behind the keeper.

          Although I don’t mind manual fields staying if there is a way for the batsmen to be smart enough to see there is no one in the leg side and walk across his stumps and play every ball over there like they would in real life.