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    A decent selection to choose from, though with as with Bangladesh having two good all rounds who can spin the ball is not as helpful as it could be. This is a team that can win the tournament but could also be taken about by one of the big teams.

    We kick off with a routine thrashing of Oman before a narrow victory over New Zealand. A 15 run victory over India sets the pulses racing. Afghanistan are dispatched, as are Sri Lanka. The bowling is misfiring and is constantly shifting because a few of the seamers are struggling.

    We play Ireland in the semi, who are no threat whatsoever and head into a final against England. We bat first and despite Wokes’ 5-31 we post 169-9. We take early wickets, Pope and Billings fight back, Stokes threatens to pull it their way and it all comes down to the last over…the last ball…we win by a run!

    Position – winners – and very satisfying and close it was too

    Player of the tournament – Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali led well with the ball, Imad Wasim was excellent but Mohammad Hafeez was the rock out batting was built upon, averaging 40.71 at a strike rate of 145.4


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      Papua New Guinea

      Not much to choose from. Qualification would be a decent success.

      We kick off against Oman, a game we have to win. We hold them to 140 then fail to squeeze past with the last ball, taking us into a super over. Aaqib Ilyas knocks off ten runs for them but we squeeze past to get a win. We get nowhere near Scotland’s 150 and go into the game against Bangladesh needing the win to stay in. They put 181 on us and we fall 14 short.

      Position – DNQ, Group 3

      Player of the tournament – Norman Vanua, 9 wickets at 11.22 apiece.


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        A bit more promising, we should get to the qualifying stages and hopefully win one and take a big scalp if we are flying

        We start off against or most tricky opposition in the group, Bangladesh, who beat us comfortably but simple wins against Papua New Guinea and Oman see us through.

        We kick off the Super 12 with a dominating win over the Netherlands and there the fun ends with kickings from SA, WI, England and Australia. We get nowhere near them.

        Position – Group 5

        Player of the tournament – Kyle Coetzer led the batting well but Mark Watts’ 18 wickets at 11.28 each helps him stand out.


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          Originally posted by amacca1234 View Post
          On the subject of T20 tactics:

          1) I think I have fields fairly close to these and tend to bowl good length, zero aggression and outside off. Majority of games I keep the opposition runs down but do you find you just get some games where the opposition just score big and your bowlers bowl like drains?

          2) I often find that once an opposition batsman gets in and goes big they are difficult to get out. I had a game where Kohli just destroyed despite the rest of the team being rubbish. Any tips for getting rid of a set bastman?
          1) Yes. It just happens. Sometimes your team turns to mush for no good reason. IRL it happens so it should in game, the main difference between a good team and a poor team is how regularly it happens! I also get good batting line-ups collapse for next to nothing.

          2) Again, yes! I just try to mix it up, give bowlers two overs at a time, go over the wicket with a new bowler. If I have a batsman who can take the odd wicket then I might just chuck them in that usually ends is allowing the other batsman to get set too! I just had an online game where I dropped an opening batsman in the second over when they were on 6, they went on to hit 83 off 38, out to a fast bowler coming around the wicket.


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            South Africa

            A nice lot of talent to chose from, we should win this.

            We start off with a loss against the West Indies, we post 194 but they chase it down with three balls to spare. We make up for it with a routine win over Oman but the bowling isn’t quite clicking. I replace Nigidi, who has been opening the bowling with Steyn but despite an easy wins over Australia and Sri Lanka it still isn’t working quite working, Parnell has been a disaster and Tahir is struggling so will be the next out. In this time the batting has been steadily getting easier and it all starts to click against England, holding them to 173 then chasing it down with 7 wickets and just over 3 overs remaining. We are certainly going to win this

            We crush Bangladesh in the semi and head into a final against NZ. We take few wickets but their 172-4 looks far too low given how the batting is running. de Kock smacks a century and we cruise home with more than two overs remaining.

            Position – winners – it’s a shame it had to end, the batting was flying by the end.

            Player of the tournament – Steyn and Pretorius were the best bowlers by far and deserve honourable mentions but Quinto de Kock with two 50s and a century in the final grew into the tournament and gave the batting a feel of being able to chase anything


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              Sri Lanka

              A golden age seems to be waning and the squad is not as inspiring as I would like it to be. The knock-out stages are possible but getting to the group stage and winning three out of five would be acceptable.

              We kick off qualifying against Ireland and the bowlers struggle, they put on 189 and we fall nine short. Not a good start to the campaign but we sweep aside Namibia and the Netherlands to get into the group stage.

              Once there we mark up a good win against Scotland in the final over chasing 154. Then comes the big one. We absolutely crush Australia. We put them in and they are quickly 14-4, they push back but go from 39-5 to 57-8 and we eventually get the last wicket in the last over for a mere 92 runs. We lose three wickets but wander to a easy and famous victory. England put us in our place, as do South Africa. Qualification is out of reach but we register a comfortable win over the West Indies of finish on equal points with England and SA but below them on Nett RR.

              Position – Group 4 – a tidy finish with a fabulous win over Australia in their own back yard.

              Player of the tournament – Some decent batting performances and Wanindu Hasaranga was great but Lasith Malinga rolled back the years to finish with 20 wickets at 10.10 each.


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                Originally posted by cde View Post
                Jobi1K the field settings can probably be improved upon, they get the results I'm looking for but that doesn't mean they can't be improved! I don't want to give away tons of singles and while it is frustrating I don't mind a batsman taking six balls to score six runs because it eats up their opportunities. Catches are the main driver in most of those positions and I feel huge frustration every time a mis-hit lands in space!

                I find the good ball outside off produces results the majority of the time and have found changes don't make as much difference as using top class bowlers. I always pitch it up in overcast conditions for FC matches but I think that the field settings I use for LO matches don't work so well for pitching it up. Changes to the line and length mostly work best to a field setting that suits the new line and length and one of the criteria for my tactics is minimising changes to the way I play. This is through laziness but also because I can get bored of LO matches and sometimes want to get through the endless group matches quickly whilst still winning as many as possible!

                I find the aggression on 2 bars works fine throughout, it is also the lowest I go in FC matches. I find that it offers enough of an attacking threat without leaking too many runs, also that changes to the field settings can change the number of runs conceded as effective as dropping the aggression.

                Glad you are enjoying it, hope it helps too!
                I've been trying something closer to your field settings in recent T20 games with I'd say pretty good results. My usual fields were almost the same as yours anyway, but the big change I've made is in the mid-off and mid-on areas – I've now started putting fielders pretty much right on the 'X' fielding circle markers that are closest to where it says 'LONG OFF' and 'LONG ON' (basically as in your pic 2 in your first post about field settings in this thread), and I'm taking more catches in those areas than I ever have before. It really seems to work! And also contrary to my previous concerns, it doesn't result in that many singles being scored in the midwicket/mid-on area even with that being pretty much empty (particularly if I stick to an off-stump bowling line).
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