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    Originally posted by Isura View Post
    I think your hypothesis is correct. Bars 2-0 seem suited to the OD game. Also my guess is that 0 is aimed at middle stump because it's good idea to bowl full and at the stumps at the death. I imagine it's setup this way to give the CPU a better chance. It would be simpler if the game used completely different field settings for FC and OD matches and also better and more realistic OD fields.
    That does make sense, but I still think it's a bit weird (and a bit annoying!) that the line jumps between middle and off and back again when you toggle between 3 and 0 bars. I assumed that was an error in this edition, but perhaps it was actually deliberate?


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      I've come to the conclusion that there's no discernible difference in the aggression for 3 vs 2 bars and then 1 vs 0 bars.

      As far as I'm concerned the only thing that changes when going from 3 to 2, or from 1 to 0, is the default bowling line and thus the default field positions. I believe the extra bar of aggression was added in order to give us both an outside-off and mid-off default for each of the more defensive field settings.

      6 bars = Highly Aggressive field, mid line/field positions only
      5 bars = Aggressive field, mid line/field positions only
      4 bars = 'Average' field, mid line/field positions only
      3 and 2 bars = Defensive field, option to be weighted to the off side or remain mid/balanced
      1 and 0 bars = Highly Defensive field, option to be weighted to the off side or remain mid/balanced

      It feels off at first because we're not used to the 2 options for each of the lower settings, but I believe the linear reduction in 'aggression' stops after 4 bars, where going from 6 to 5 to 4 clearly makes the field less aggressive each time. I think as soon as you're below 4 it's not intended to follow a path from 3 to 2 to 1 to 0, but rather to see 3 and 2 as being the next step at the same aggression with different line and field focus and then finally 1 and 0 being the final step, again with the choice of alignment.

      If you take a bowler and set to bowl at 3 bars to one batsman and 2 bars to the other, obviously the field looks different as the defaults use different lines. Toggle the 2 bar aim over to outside-off and your field setup is now identical between the two. The only visible difference is one having a notch higher aggression, but I've noticed no difference in actual gameplay and bowler performance when trying this.

      So I believe the only thing that changes between 3/2 and then 1/0 is the default line and respective field focus. They could've had them the other way, with 3 and 1 bars staying at the 'mid' setting and 2 and 0 being the outside-off option, which might've felt more logical as we're used to lowering aggression to go outside-off from the past, but I honestly don't think it makes a difference.