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Little Tidbits and Fixes in Cricket Captain 2021

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  • Little Tidbits and Fixes in Cricket Captain 2021

    Hi chaps,

    You may have found some of these already, there have been some really nice refinements to the game this year.

    CC2021 Little Tidbits

    We've worked on improving the regen name lists, this not only includes expanding the files, but removing the more dated names. We've also added regen name files for Zimbabwe (previously using South African regen name lists)
    Chris has been able to improve physics calculations, this means the ball now travels smoother in highlights
    We've improved Keep Strike behaviour in the final over of an innings (in previous versions the game would still try and keep the strike for the next over, which didn't exist)
    We've balanced caught and bowled percentage, including a significant reduction for fast bowlers compared to previous years.
    We've increased the amount of "no FC team" players added to domestic lists (excludes players who have had contracts expire in ongoing contracts window). This will fix an issue where some players would only play in the 100 and not FC, etc.
    Added coaching messages if a player is already at their limit when they improve a specialist technique (e.g. aggressive batting already at max).
    Re-named practice/physio sessions to better explain their behaviour and intended use
    Removed clearing of last intl squad at start of new season
    Added fielder dots to small graphic on preset fields (missing since new UI engine in 2014)
    We've made improvements to the follow on AI, there's now a chance of the AI not enforcing the follow on if there's plenty of time left in the game.
    We've improved availability % calculations so it now includes non-international players as well as international players.
    We've improved our management of initial squad sizes across all domestic systems, which has an impact on budgets and could cause some teams to not have enough money to sign players to make up squads to a minimum size. If you found last year that you had regens added to teams before you even got to a contract section, this fixes that issue.
    Added end of fielding restrictions message box to help users identify when to change fields.

    CC2021 Fixed Bugs from 2020

    Fixed rare issue with players playing for international and domestic teams at the same time.
    We've fixed international best individual scores displaying in domestic records.
    Fixed a rare crash using no on the declare popup at the end of the day
    Online - Fixed highlights issue that could have caused errors.
    Fixed a bug where the user may not get to play a knockout match
    Chris has fixed a bug where a bowler would spin on the spot for a bowled or LBW appeal

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    All good stuff and a covered a lot of grumbles and gripes, thanks!


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      Fantastic work guys!


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        Originally posted by cde View Post
        All good stuff and a covered a lot of grumbles and gripes, thanks!
        Thanks. I'm particularly pleased with the availability indicator work, this feels so much better, especially when managing a county whilst the 100 is on.



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          Brilliant work guys!
          These extra ‘tweaks’ will improve the overall game experience.


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            Thanks for the feedback guys. If you fancy doing a Steam review, that would really help us out.


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              Review posted!