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    have there been any database updates yet? Frustrating playing as Yorkshire when it isn't viable playing half of the team that plays in real life for how poor they are. Thompson, Brook, Duke in particular with players like Tattersall being way too good

    No database update yet, I've looked at these players for the next patch.
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      I think Brook Guest at Derbyshire should be moved from agressive to average. In time he might even be defensive though I'm not certain if he's sometimes dropping anchor to hang around longer due to the rest of Derbyshire's batting being a bit brittle this season.

      He's looked a very decent batter this season (good technique, sound temperament, lovely cover drive) but in game doesn't seem as useful as last year? In last year's version he usually averaged about 30 or a tad under in first class which felt about right. If he's dropped since last year could he be returned to the previous level?

      Changed him to average. His ability looks about right to me, not got great results so far.
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        Originally posted by hallmitchell View Post

        Interested how you edit all your posts into one?
        Just type it all in one post rather than constantly posting separate posts seconds after each other. Wording was perhaps clumsy.
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          Have put this in here before but not sure if anything has been done. Jack Brooks is retired from T20 and One day in the game but has been playing both for Somerset this season. Also James Hildreth should be changed to an opening batsman in T20 cricket

          Fixed in next update for Brooks.

          Hildreht might have opened in some 20 Overs this year, but not in his last match and spent all his career at 3, 4 or 5 in 20 Overs
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            Shahnawaz Dahani bowling needs improving

            Fair call, have improved.
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              Some feedback for Surrey:
              - I may of had an unlucky couple of years, but feels like Will Jacks needs a bump his t20 results have been great this year. He's been improved.
              - Ben Geddes & Nico Reifer are down as all-rounders, think they should be batsmen, not seen them bowl in any 2nd XI cricket. Bot have been changed to batsmen.
              - Gus Atkinson, definitely faster than RM, probably RMF. He's now RMF.
              - Tim David is playing in the While Ball games for Surrey, so might make sense to make him oversees player, and adjust one of the others to t20 only. Open to opinions from others though Tricky, I've made David full overseas and removed Abbott, who only played once and was a factor in David's signing.
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                Soumya Sakar is consistently bowling for Bangladesh recently. Should he be an all rounder now?

                Doesn't look to be bowling that much, still just a part timer.
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                  Big Bash squads will start taking shape now

                  Joe Burns now at Stars
                  Nic Maddinson now at Renegades
                  peter hategolou now at scorchers
                  Michael Nesser to Brisbane Heat
                  Joel Paris to Hobart
                  Farwad Ahmed delisted
                  Lance Morris Perth Scorchers

                  I will add them as they keep changing
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                    Is there any update on Cameron steel getting added to Surrey? Along with Gus Atkinson getting changed to RFM?


                    • Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
                      Ben Stokes bats at 7 in game for England it's unrealistic.
                      Yes, that's true in part because Buttler batting rating is higher than Stokes in the game.


                      • Originally posted by Hilal8844554499
                        Dean Elger bowling too much for South Africa in test nerf his bowling.
                        Some times fast bowler's bowl 10 overs spell in od in game.
                        This happens mainly if all 4 bowlers chosen are pacers and 4th innings, Elgar may have to bowl too much.

                        Limited over games should be only 5-6 overs upfront from opening bowlers, but its 7-9, this has to be addressed no doubt. Also spinners regularly bowling in last 5 overs of ODI and last 2 overs in T20 is extremely rare. But it may be difficult to meddle with the AI for these tweaks.


                        • Will Smeed is going to need a boost what a young talent, did it in the t20 blast and now on fire in the hundred

                          Smeed has been adjusted.

                          Read about Will Smeed cricket player from England profile, stats, rankings, records, videos, photos at ESPNcricinfo

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                          • Luis Reece should be average aggression Not sure, doing well in 20 Overs, but not so much in First Class.
                            Nils Priestley is a SLA Changed
                            Tom Wood is a OB Changed
                            Harvey Hosein should be defensive or even average aggression His SRs are pretty low, will be staying as is.
                            Anuj Dal should be aggressive His SRs are low, will be staying as is. 44 SR in FC in career
                            Billy Stanlake should be very defensive Changed
                            Scott Borthwick is an all-rounder Changed
                            Cam Steel should be an all-rounder Changed
                            Will Buttleman should be LA Opener Changed
                            Adam Wheater & Paul Walter shouldn't be limited overs openers Changed
                            Jack Taylor should be very aggressive & a legspinner His SRs are in the aggressive range. He's only scoring at 119 in 20 Overs this season. He's been changed to LBG.
                            Tom Lace should be a occasional keeper Don't agree, he kept in his last game. Just doesn't get many chances because of Bracey.
                            Tom Smith should be changed to a bowler He's been changed.
                            James Vince should be a number 3 in 50 over cricket in-game He's been changed.
                            Adam Milne should be aggressive His SRs are in average range, he'll be staying average.
                            Steven Croft, Rob Jones & Luke Wells should be changed to allrounders. I also believe Wells doesn't open anymore. All three are part-timers, Croft is pretty close to an all rounder, but not quite. Wells has spent his whole career opening.
                            Scott Steel should be an allrounder He's been bowling a lot this season, still not convinced he's an all rounder yet.
                            Joe Cracknell should be a occasional keeper or a batsman EDIT: Looked at this again, he stepped in when Simpson was with England, Cracknell will stay FT keeper.
                            Stephen Eskinazi should be a pure batsman only Now a PT keeper.
                            Rob Keogh should be an allrounder Good part timer, but he's not an all rounder.
                            Tom Taylor should be changed to attacking or very attacking His SRs are defensive, 44 in FC in career, 42 this season. under a run a ball in 20 over this season.
                            Sol Budinger should be changed to a occasional wicketkeeper & to very aggressive Changed on both.
                            Tom Abell should be changed to an allrounder Decent part timer, but just a part timer.
                            I doubt Rory Burns will take the gloves again for either Surrey or England so should be changed to a pure batsman Not kept since 2014, fair call. Changed.
                            Laurie Evans is an offspinner rather than a RFM Is OB now
                            Tom Haines, Delray Rawlins & George Garton should be changed to allrounders Garton's batting is improving, but he's not an all-rounder yet. Haines and Rawlins are part timers. Rawlins bowls quite a bit, poor record.
                            Dan Mousley should be an allrounder He's a part timer.
                            Chris Benjamin should be very attacking, he was performing that way in 2nd XI cricket as well before his call ups He's now V Agg.
                            George Garrett should be RMF Looks like he has some pace, changed.
                            Dan Lincoln should be an occasional wicketkeeper Changed

                            OTA: Michael Rae very attacking Not much data outside of FC, where he scores at 46, which is defensive.
                            AUC: Ben Horne should be average or attacking aggression & Sean Solia average aggression Changed Horne to average, he's pretty close on FC SR, decent LA and 20 Over SR. Solia's FC SR is 39, only 27 last season. 20 Over and List A SRs aren't high, will stay as V Def for now.
                            ND: Kane Williamson should be a number 3 in T20s He's had his 20 Over opener status removed.
                            CD: Josh Clarkson should be an allrounder Bowled a bit more last season, but still not that much throughout his career. Needs to bowl more to be an all-rounder.
                            CAN: Cole McConchie should be average aggression and should have decent potential His SRs are 50, 85 and 121. That's Defensive. Decent enough player, I wouldn't say a decent potential, as he's 29.
                            Nick Greenwood is missing from Wellington's team. He didn't play but was named in their squad last season for the Ford Trophy. He's an batting-allrounder who opens in T20s. He plays internationally for Jersey and has also been in the Lancashire Academy, not sure if he's still in the Academy but if I remember correctly was in the squad last season. He needs to play for the team or have a contract before we can add him for Wellington. Looks like he's knocking on the door of the grade system.

                            CPNJ: Rizwan Hussain should be very aggression He doesn't score quick enough for very aggressive.
                            SPNJ: Mohammad Umair should be a RHB & LB, Maqbool Ahmed should be a RM Changed both
                            KPK: Asif Afridi is a SLA & Imran Khan jr (14/7/88) should be retired from FC's. He's also a RHB and a LFM rather than a LHB RMF Asif Afridi is now SLA, Imran Khan Jnr is pretty new to the game still, not unreasonable he might play FC, leaving unretired unless you've got a link. Changed to RHB and LFM.
                            NORTHERN: Mubassir Khan should be an allrounder, Naved Malik should be very aggressive, Aamer Jamal should be an allrounder, Athar Mahmood should be an RMF, Haris Rauf is a RHB & his DOB is 7/11/93 Mubasir is now all rounder. Naved will be staying aggressive. Jamal mostly bats at 9, averages 18 in FC with no 0s. He's not an all rounder yet. Don't think Athar is that quick. Changed Haris to RHB.
                            SINDH: Danish Aziz should be an allrounder, Omair Bin Yousuf is a RMF not a LM, Saad Khan & Saud Shakeel should be allrounders Danish doesn't bowl enough to be an all rounder. Changed Omair, Saad Khan and Saud Shakeel are part timers.
                            BALOCHISTAN: Jalat Khan should be an allrounder, Umaid Asif is very aggressive Jalat Khan mostly bats at 9 and averages 21 in FC, he's not an all rounder. Umaid Asif's SRs are aggressive, not very aggressive.
                            MULTAN: Faisal Akram should be a SLW and also attacking aggression, he has a very bright future, can bat a bit as well
                            Shahzaib Hasan should still be in the game but as banned, I think his ban runs out next year if it hasn't already Akram is now SLW, not sure how you can tell he's attacking aggression? Shahzaib is no longer involved professionally. He's now an ATG.

                            Heinrich Klaasen is an OB He's OB now.
                            Ben Ward is missing from Boland's side. He played for Boland & Cape Cobras last season. He plays for Jersey. He's a good bowling all-rounder. Not announced in any of the new SA Dom squads.
                            Ryan Klein should still be available either in the Western Province squad or as a free agent. Not announced in any of the new SA Dom squads, seems to be focussing on Netherlands now.

                            Looks like you double posted the Ireland feedback, so I've removed that as already gone through it.

                            Noor Ahmad's birthdate is 3/5/05 rather than 23/6/02. He's also massively underrated in-game as he is quite expensive in all my saves, should have good potential as well. His ability is fine.
                            I think Javed Ahmadi could possibly be an allrounder He's a part timer.
                            Zohaib Ahmadzai is a RHB SLA & was born 10/2/02 Changed to RHB and SLA.
                            Zubaid Akbari should be an allrounder & is a SLW rather than a LM Changed to an SLW all rounder.
                            Usman Ghani I believe is a legspinner Changed to LBG
                            Fazal Haque is a RHB LFM rather than LHB LM. He's known as Fazalhaq Farooqi Changed to RHB and LFM.
                            Hamid Hassan should definitely be retired from ODIs. And possibly also LA's and FC's Yes, he's 20 over only now.
                            Imran Imran is Imran Mir and is a RHB RM rather than LHB LM Changed to RHB and RM.
                            Waqarullah Ishaq should be an allrounder & is a LFM Changed to LFM all rounder.
                            Zahid Khan should be changed to a RHB RMF from a LHB LM Changed
                            Fitratullah Khawawri is a RHB LB Changed
                            Suliman Safi is a ROB. His initials should be SSK. Looks very promising and one for the future Changed to OB.
                            Sayed Shirzad is a RHB Changed.
                            Tamim Surkhorodi is a RHB RMF As an opening bat, I doubt he's RMF, changed to RM.
                            Najibullah Zadaran's surname should be Zadran

                            Tafadzwanashe Kaitano is a OB Changed.
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                            • Running out of room on some editing posts, so adding this in from r_j feedback earlier in the thread.

                              Oliver Metcalfe - good prospect for Ireland in the future alongside McGuire
                              James Newland
                              Marcus Poskitt Not played in 2 years, will re-add when he plays pro cricket again.
                              Davy Scanlon Not played in 2 years, now 37. Possibly pro cricket years are bdhind him.
                              Fiachra Tucker - legspinning allrounder who was 12th man last year for Leinster Lightning, he opens in 50 over cricket for his club If he's played pro cricket, he'll get picked up.
                              Jarred Wilson - when called up to the NWW squad last year he was mentioned as a 20 year old allrounder

                              All who have played or made debuts in 2021 will be picked up.

                              I've also noticed that the T20 game between Leinster Lightning and Middlesex in 2019 was missing from the players stats on both sides.

                              This didn't count as a professional match and was a benefit for Eoin Morgan.


                              • If Mitchell Wagstaff at Derbs is added I'd suggest he's an opening bat who bowls part time rather than an all rounder. He may further develop his bowling in the future but will primarily be a batter for the foreseeable. Good prospect mind.