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Cricket Captain 2021 Released on Steam, iOS, Android and PC.

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  • Cricket Captain 2021 Released on Steam, iOS, Android and PC.

    Cricket Captain 2021 is out now on PC, iOS, Android & Mac.

    Available at 10% off Steam price, exclusively from:

    The PC demo is also available now on the Steam store page for Cricket Captain 2021.

    • ODI & Test World Championships
    • Super Over
    • Improved match engine & controls
    • Updated English & SA domestic
    • 100 Ball competition
    • More stats, including fastest 50s/100s & dot balls.

    Cricket Captain 2021 takes to the field for a new season. An exciting year includes the final of the inaugural Test Match Championship, and the new ODI World Championship, which gives teams the chance to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. The 100 Ball competition will run for the first time, introducing a new short format game. Cricket Captain 2021 gives you the change to play in these, and many more, competitions and formats.

    20 Over match simulation has been improved for Cricket Captain 2021, with a rebalanced match engine and updated batting aggression bar, providing greater control of scoring rate. We have also increased outfield catches when batsmen are attacking. The target RPO (T.RPO) indicator has been replaced with estimated RPO (E.RPO) when batting, taking changing bowler tactics into account, to give greater scoring rate accuracy. Dot ball percentage has replaced maidens in 20 Over matches to provide further information about the bowling strengths and performance of your bowlers.

    The exciting atmosphere of the Super Over makes its debut in Cricket Captain. The English domestic system has been updated with the latest rules for competitions and overseas players. We have also updated the South African domestic system, with 15 new teams.

    Cricket Captain 2021 features a full database update, including new stats for fastest 50s and 100s for team, ground and versus records.

    Cricket Captain takes cricket management simulation another step forward, giving you more options than ever to manage your team to glory.

    Key features for 2021 include:

    • ODI and Test World Championships: compete in the new ODI World Championship.
    • Super Over: exciting one over shootouts for tied matches.
    • 20 Over Simulation: improved engine, with new controls and stats.
    • English Domestic System: with the latest competitions and overseas player rules.
    • English 100 Ball Competition: updated squads as the competition starts this summer.
    • Change International Team: receive job offers from around the world.
    • South Africa Domestic System: updated to match the new formats.
    • Fastest 50s and 100s: thousands of new records to break.
    • Improved Batting Controls: new batting aggression bar allows greater control.
    • Improved Bowling Controls: greater control in limited over matches.
    • New Kits: updates for English domestic and international teams.
    • Match Engine: rebalanced runs and wickets engine, improved outfield catches for aggressive batsman, E.RPO taking in to account bowler tactics, reduced caught and bowled chance.
    • Internet Game: improved reliability and cheat detection.
    • ATGs Online: All-Time Great teams can now be played in online friendlies.
    • Historical Scenarios: play in classic England test series vs India or New Zealand.
    • Tournament Modes: play in stand-alone One Day or 20 Over World Cups. Create your own World XIs, All-Time Greats and Custom Match Series.
    • Improved Availability Indicator in Contracts: including indication of 100-ball and 20 over competition participation for domestic team contracts.

    Complete Stats Update:

    • Updated player database with over 7,000 players.
    • Updated versus, ground and team records.
    • Updated domestic squads for all 150 playable domestic teams.
    • Updated recent series stats for all players.
    • New dot ball percentage replaces maidens for 20 over stats.

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