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    Curious about some aspects of the Hundred in-game:
    • Will it be fully manageable like all other leagues?
    • If so, assuming you can manage both a county side and a 100 side, how will fixture clashes work? Without looking at the fixtures, I'd imagine there are at least some clashes between the county side and the 100 side's matches.
    • How will squad selections be done in future seasons? I believe in real life, teams can retain eight members (though may be a different number) of the squad, and then others can re-enter the draft for the next season. Or will this simply be done using contracts for a certain period of time?
    Also Donners has an interesting point above.

    Looking forward to your responses.


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      Looking forward to CC20! Was just wondering/hoping if England will be a little bit better than they are in CC19?

      I can't quite remember how bleak English cricket was looking in early 2019, but in every save I have they always seem to underperform. I don't think I've seen them reach the semi-final of the 2019 WC, and they pretty much always get thrashed by the Aussies in the 2019 Ashes.

      I'm 5 years deep into an Afghanistan save, and England are ranked 8th in Tests, close to being overtaken by me, which will push them to 9th, 5th in ODI's, and 8th in T20i's. I was looking at some of the player stats in 2024 and pretty much all the current crop of plays get worse. Stokes, Wood, Woakes, Root have all declined, Pope is averaging low 30s, and Archer is nowhere to be seen.

      Maybe this Afghan save is particularly bad for England, but like I've said, they generally seem underwhelming in all saves I have. After a pretty strong 2019 for England in real life, here's hoping they will be a little bit more competitive in CC20!


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        Is Android release date June 18 too ? Sureshot