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  • My thoughts on CC19

    Hi all - to set the scene, I’ve played ICC since 2001 on the PlayStation, and played very extensively in the 2000’s. I’ve then played in some capacity all games since either on PC or the recent iterations on mobile.

    I’d be waiting for the patch to come out for CC19 before committing to extensive careers - the fact that it needed a patch, would took months and months for an aggression bug that should have been sorted in development is inexcusable in itself.

    Even after the patch the updates and progress in this game have really stalled over this decade and I’m finding much less enjoyment out of this iteration than any other.

    My list of improvements and annoyances - some very easy to fix (one would have thought) and others more complex include:

    - Stumpings where the cut scene clearly has the batsman in his crease.
    - Technique training that has basically no/minimal actual impact on a player’s ability.
    - Local regen players in their teens who, if they haven’t peaked after about 2 seasons, will never be any good regardless of the extent of training.
    - Overseas regen players that get picked by domestic sides without playing a game in their local competitions and become instant stars.
    - Availability % for overseas players that is a complete lottery and even 100% availability results in the player missing half the season at times.
    - No change to bowling speeds over a player’s career (RF to RFM etc).
    - No pitches that improve in a 4/5 day game after day 1, i.e. to reflect that most pitches are best on days 2 and 3.
    - No impact of time of the season on pitches (early season naturally favouring seamers, late season naturally favouring pacers).
    - No super overs in T20s.
    - No DLS in ODIs and T20s.
    - Way too many “results” in 4/5 day games - in a recent complete test championship in my save there were 3 draws from the entirety of the matches covered.
    - No players who retire from different formats as the game progresses.
    - Fixtures are too formulated - you can take Afghanistan to the top of the rankings and you’ll have no chance to fixtures than if you’re bottom of the rankings.
    - No ability to swap to different international and domestic teams within a save (e.g. no way to go from Auckland to NZ to Victoria to Australia).
    - No way to tell which player in the opposing side is their captain and wicket keeper in the line up at the toss.
    - No variability in aggression between formats - a very aggressive player in T20s shouldn’t by default play that way in the other formats.
    - Ranking system (2 points for a series win) inconsistent with the way rankings are based in real life.
    - Bidding on top players results in no competition for them - no teams are prepared to bid more than $3k to $4k above asking price so you can pick up good players too easily.
    - No scouting or player assessment options besides their stats and salary.
    - Opposition always enforces the follow on - in test cricket this actually happens fairly rarely these days.
    - Dumb T20 AI in chasing big targets - often ending up all out for less than 50 in 7 or 8 overs if there’s a top order collapse, i.e. no ability to consolidate.
    - No “new age” shots like reverse sweeps/ramps.
    - No ability to bowl “new age” deliveries like slower balls or
    - National contacts given out to players who haven’t played internationally before and/or go seasons without being selected.
    - Concussion subs should be added to applicable competitions.
    - In game injuries from more than just bouncers when batting or over bowling bowlers.
    - Bowlers’ fatigue levels (especially pace bowlers) over a series/season don’t deteriorate enough.

    And others - but I’ll stop there.

    Ultimatelty to market CC20 and beyond as the most realistic cricket sim game there is some work to do.
    Last edited by Somerset; 12-29-2019, 04:06 AM.

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    I genuinely feel bad for proper cricket fans who take time to try and guide the developers in how to improve the playing experience for yourself.

    Each and every year we get a slew of posts as above and they get completely ignored. To save you time in future - I have literally never seen a major suggestion implemented in game.


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      Good post Somerset.

      I think the Devs have focused in recent years on cramming more and more competitions in, no doubt this makes sense from the point of view that they need to flog the game as widely as possible to make any money on it but the game could certainly do with a real focus on all the comparitively small improvements to add depth.


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        I think that Chris and Sureshot deserve a lot of credit for what they have done, considering the limited resources.
        They care about getting this game right just as much (or more) than most who play it.

        Most animation bugs have been fixed.
        Work has continued on getting the game engine producing more realistic results in all three formats.
        Stats presentation has improved.
        More countries/tournaments have been added.
        They've been trying to fix online game issues that have spoilt it for many in the past.
        Database additions/deletions/player abilities take a lot of time.


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          Another one to add that would be such a quick win is being able to offer domestic players t20 or list A/t20 only contracts.


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            The same small team has managed to churn out the same game every single year without fail, and spread to other platforms including steam. They appear to be able to hit targets when they want to. Nobody would mind if they waited a year or even 2 before producing the next installment if game quality was prioritised.

            In the context of the thread i would strongly advise you to not waste your time. There have been pages and pages of feature requests in the past. The developers responded to that by adding 'fielding technique' into the coaching set up (despite the fact that to this day nobody can explain what coaching actually does) and made the stats page unreadable.


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              this is a great post. i just spent around 30$ canadian on buying this game. version 2019. i am a little disappointed with the amount of bugs and issues that exist in the current version. I would highly suggest focusing on quality than quantity. churning out a new version every year is not the way to go if the previous version already has so many known bugs/issues. Please perfect the current version first before moving on to the next one. Thanks.

              *also to add to the list. the annoying "game has encountered an error" crash while playing online.