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    The regen and youth players seem to be too good in the game. I am doing a career with West Indies and all the real life players are not getting picked in their domestic team, this is even happening with the fringe international players. It is annoying as I still want to be picking real life players in my team after a couple of years

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    I agree this is an issue where the balance is all wrong.

    Real life young players even the best under 19 prospects start off very poor and will perform too poorly to be picked. Improvement from technique training is sporadic and not reliable. I've very rarely been able to bring through a real life prospect into a solid first team player. Even the best real life prospects are usually released as soon as their contracts run down as they're never good enough. I'd be really interested to hear if this is the same for everyone else.

    Regens drop into the team fully developed at whatever age they're generated at. I've had 18 year olds generated into my team and before I even decide whether to blood them into my existing and settled first team or they've even played a game theyre getting England call ups. Very immersion breaking and clearly flawed.

    At the moment I don't beleive players develop much from whatever their starting ability is, there isn't any potential ability level they develop towards they're either just good or bad and unfortunately looking at youth player's salaries is the best way to decide whether you play them or release them.


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      Agree with most of what you said. Irl youngsters being underrated has always been a problem and regens take over the game very early into the game. It's a problem of how player development is incorporated into the game (you can almost always tell who will become good and who won't through their 2nd XI averages and salaries in their early ages). It's ironic that there is so much stress in hiding the real ability of players, but in reality one can so easily tell what their abilities actually are through very superficial means. This is probably why irl youngsters who aren't yet world class never have their abilities reflected well in-game. If someone is below 20 and isn't a regular in their domestic side for example, but clearly have a lot of talent, they will never develop enough to actually turn into world class.