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    So I love this game, I've got every edition for the last five or six years and I've spent plenty of time playing each one. I haven't really got much time for all the people who complain on here about a lack of updates or changes cause I understand your restraints whether financial, time or lack of man power. I get all that and have literally no problem with it at all.

    One thing I do have a problem with though is Bradley Wadlan... how after about five versions with database updates is he still so good?

    I remember reading on here a while ago he was mates with one of the developers or something like that and, whilst that could well be untrue, if that really was the reason he was so good it really would be a punch in the face for customers like me and show a lack of regard for us.

    But as I say that could be completely wrong, so does anyone know why Bradley Wadlan is inexplicably the Welsh Sanath Jayasuriya on these games and has been for many years?

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    Lol@this thread. My only explanation is that he does have quite a decent real life record. Sureshot cannot know every player so often bases ability off record.

    Take Alister McDermott for example. Hasn't played professional cricket for years but still possesses a good record. The result is that he is a quality player on the game. So yes it is probably down to his playing stats.