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Aggressive batsman are way, way too overpowered

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  • Aggressive batsman are way, way too overpowered

    Raised this in the bugs thread and it seems I'm not alone in experiencing this in this years edition of the game. Being on the other end of it now and this one is probably worse as it kept going and going. If we can have aggressive batsman nerfed in future versions guys, that'd be great

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    What was your bowling strategy & pitch conditions?. What i have noticed is if a batsman is playing like M Bryant you can't really do anything about it but usually get others out cheaply if conditions are helping bowlers, so overall there isn't much damage done.
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      I'm Australia . What I meant was not being on the receiving end makes it worse imo. Usually it's Iyer smashing me for 20 an over will the field fully spread and with heavy cloud cover.


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        Ok, you are Australia . Yes it feels unrealistic when you are playing tests like ODI. I always use attacking field what i have noticed & bryce87 also some mentioned somewhere here if match engine has decided you are going 15-20 in that over any field settings will not stop that as u might have noticed with iyer & also disadvantage of using fully spread field is if & when batsman edges you might not have fielder where edge flies, I think this hurt more in long term than getting hit for runs. I usually stick to attacking fields & ball at 2,1 or even 0 aggression to these aggressive batsman after they cross 40, it usually slows them down & i then try to pick wickets from other end

        In my opinions AI makes the same mistake, if only AI can keep attacking fields instead of going defensive after batsman crosses 30/40, batting will become lot tougher as more edges will find fielders instead of going for 4. Maybe developers can look into this too along with op aggressive batsmen in tests.
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          I have asked Chris to investigate.


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            Well the game doesn't work in real time , first the engine decides the outcome and then animations play accordingly , doesnt have anything to do with field settings sadly. (Its my opinion Sureshot can confirm or deny this)


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              Originally posted by Sureshot View Post
              I have asked Chris to investigate.
              Two things with regard to very aggressive batsmen that require adjusting:

              1) The overstated ability of very aggressive batsmen in FC + Test cricket

              2) The understated ability of very aggressive batsman in T20 cricket


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                I agree that the balance seems a bit off in first class matches. Players regularly come to the crease with their team in real trouble but go ahead and strike at 90-100. While of course that could (and should) happen on occasion, in my experience it is happening far too frequently. In particular, I do not see certain players being willing to play less aggressively when the circumstances require it (e.g. team in trouble, deteriorating pitch, etc.), which doesn't really reflect reality.